Sexuality and Personality, What Does One Tell about the Other

Are you aware that your personality explains a lot how you approach things from a different perspective in life, including sex? Cute looks are perfect and all. But remember they can’t hold steady a candle to an ideal personality. Your personality shapes all the crucial moments of your life. That is what makes you a better person in society and your dating life. By the way, how frequent do you and your partner have sex? Do you satisfy each other? The big five traits that are the essential elements of personality shape sexual life. Your personality refers to appearance, mindset, characteristics, attitude, and behavior. But what’s the exact relationship between sexuality and personality? This is a question that young people are always posting on free dating sites. Research shows that personality affects sexuality in the following different personality traits.

Sexuality or personality tells about each other

a) Extroverts

They are friendly, sociable, talkative, action-oriented, and outgoing. But on the other side, they are easily distracted, cannot spend time alone, and are attention-seeking.

Extroverts have more sexual behavior. They are sexually active, and you will find them doing different acts of manual stimulation. These include fingering, anal penetration, handjob or fingering, genital-to-genital contact, dry humping, rimming, and other oral sex.

Furthermore, extroverts are overbearing and brash. That means they have an outgoing behavior. When it comes to bedroom matters they are the best. They tend to love sex. If you want to spot them quickly, they are so social in interactions on free dating sites. Extroverts tend to gain more strength when they interact with more people.

Since they love interacting, they quickly meet new people and make new friends on dating websites.

b) Neuroticism

Individuals with this behavior have extra depressed moods. Sometimes, they may end up suffering from envy, guilt, anger, and anxiety. The behaviors manifest in different mental and physical distress.

However, these people have sexual dysfunction with bad emotions that surround sexual dissatisfaction.

Therefore, people with this personality trait are extremely subtle to environmental stress. They tend to see daily circumstances as a threat to them. They may end up causing frustration and problems leading to despair.

Other individuals with this trait are shy and self-conscious. They internalize neurotic traits and phobias such as panic, aggression, and depression. Individuals under this category also portray negative feelings and reactions.

Neuroticism lowers the satisfaction between the partners. They also have poor relationships with other people like co-workers, friends, and families.

People with such behaviors are less sexually satisfied. Thus it lowers their sexual fulfillment account due to lower relationship satisfaction. 

Take-home point? If you want to fight against adverse outcomes of neuroticism, change your personality, and have more sex.

c) Agreeableness

High levels of agreeableness forecast sexual relationship satisfaction. These traits show high interpersonal trust and low impulsivity.

It is a trait that manifests itself in a person’s behavioral characteristics such as considerate, warm, cooperative, kind, and sympathetic.

Agreeable persons demonstrate pro-social behaviors when they physically meet new friends. It is also the case when looking for relationship connections in dating sites.

They are sociable, and their target is always to please people. Furthermore, they are always willing to give help to those in need. This makes them play an active role in a sexual relationship. They are good team players and peacemakers.

Placing more focus on their sexual lifestyle, highly agreeable people are not likely aggressive. They have a high potential of cheating their partners. They concentrate on other people’s feelings. Furthermore, they are not interested in sex. They do report less sexual desire, zero casual sex, and less frequent sex. They are sexually satisfied.

Due to their low interest in sex, agreeable people have fewer STI’s. Also, due to their caring nature, they protect themselves and their spouse during sex. 

d) Conscientiousness

This is the personality trait of being diligent and careful. Also, it implies the desire to perform a task correctly and take responsibility for other people.

They are detail-oriented and self-disciplined. These individuals prefer schedules instead of spontaneous actions or activities. They hold traditional and conventional attitudes. 

Mentionable, they have a high conscientious ability to be conformists. It is a fact that they report too much conservative sexual approach.

They have high self-discipline that helps you understand why they rarely cheat in a relationship.

More interesting is that they tend to be sexually satisfied. Rarely will you find them developing sexual problems. Probably, this is due to their capability to establish ways that enhance sex in bed. More so, they place their concentration on things like playing music and setting the mood. Probably, this may discourage men from seeking women for sex.

e) Openness to Experience

Individuals high in openness show intellectual curiosity and desire to discover new things. They have a wide range of active imagination and artistic interests.

They have more sex fantasies as a result of their willingness to come up with new ideas. Additionally, they have more liberal sex attitudes. More so, they are always ready to acknowledge same-sex attraction. They have a homosexual orientation.

Due to their open mind to new things, they are sexually satisfied. They are also less likely to have sexual dysfunctions.

However, it is essential to note that the overall traits exhibited by an individual are more informative than checking at specific isolated features. For example, if you are an introvert, it doesn’t mean you hate sex, no!

The Bottom Line

Understanding why and how different individuals approach sex is essential. You will develop ideas designed to make sexual relationships better.

Strong genetic influence shapes your essential personality traits. At times it may be hard to change it. Personality predicts your behavior in different areas. That includes satisfaction, sexual behavior, and relationship.

But remember, you can change, improve your habits, and manage your hardwired traits. This will guarantee you a peaceful online dating, through practice, and self-awareness.

Meta description: Personality has an integral part to play in sexual orientation, interest, and fulfillment. You should assess personality when engaging them through dating sites.

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