Want to Keep Your Online Dating Safe and Memorable: Follow these Top 10 LGBT Online Dating Tips

With online dating, safety is the primary concern for anyone involved. It doesn’t matter if you are a lesbian or gay man, looking out for yourself as well as your safety must come prior to meeting some gorgeous gay or lesbian or attempting to get lucky. Mingle2 shares LGBT online dating tips that will help gays and lesbian bags a great gay date, which expectantly can turn into something more.

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1. Get a reliable online dating site for LGBT

One safe and practical online dating tips, which is a must for every LGBT member, is to get the best dating site. Look at the kind of services that are on offer, the process of meeting, and charges on subscription. A dating site can be free or payable in an agreed period. One of the top LGBT online dating sites is Mingle2. They allow users to view the profile of every member for free. You can also join the site for free, and most of all, user’s safety is their main priority.

2. Personal Instinct Is the Best Guide

Before you and your chat mate decide to meet in person, ensure you feel at ease with him or her through online communication. In case you’re not up to a drink or two, or share a coffee, then you can simply say your piece and say that you need a little time. Avoid putting yourself in a painful situation simply because you are trying to appease this possible friend or partner.

3. Avoid Giving Out Your Details

To keep safe from online dating, you need to avoid giving out your personal information, including your last name, address, job, name of family and friend, and places you visit the most. If your love interest becomes a crazy stalker, then you save yourself from a miserable situation.

4. Inform Friends and Loved Ones That You Will Meet Your Potential Mr. Right

When you choose to meet your potential friend or partner, let your friends or family members know the meeting place, address, time, and when you must be expected back. It is vital to have a code word, hence if you call your sister or a friend and say “fire,” than it is known that you are feeling rough and uncomfortable, and you want help and backup.

5. You Need to Be Selective

Say you go out for decades of relationship, and you are anxious that you joke you would date any guy with a high school education. Therefore, avoid selling yourself short. Simply because you have not dated in the past does not mean you must settle. Also, never go out with a person who does not have a clear profile picture. That is merely downright or lazy creepy.

6. Be Worried If he or she Come on Too Eager or Too Strong

You need to step back and reconsider the situation if one’s profile appears too strong. The same can be said if after connecting, they already call for a meet up. A lot of enthusiastic online dating site users are propagating prostitution or porn scams. That is why you need to look for a reliable dating site that filters their members for the safety of the users.

7. Be Wary of Error-Ridden Messages and Profiles

Of course, we are not all the best at grammar and spelling- most notably on our devices- however, extremely poor wording can be an indication of a scammer hailing from other regions, or it can be a bot.

8. Look for Clear Lies or Disagreements in the Story

 When the background of the user seems to go to be true or appear to disagree with past statements, it is best to end the conversation.

9. Ask for Contact Information

 The sooner you will be able to leave the dating site, the sooner you can determine the legitimacy of the person.

10. Opting to a Safe Date

If you have found your partner online that you are looking forward to meeting in person, it is time to take it to the real world. To make sure your meeting is safe and no risk, you need to follow these tips.

Meet in Public Places: It is vital to meet in public places such as restaurants, malls, coffee shops, and even church and not in a hazy, dark club with noisy music pumping. Meeting in these places is your best way to feel out of the circumstances. Ignore his or her request to meet in private places.

Choose a Group Date: Okay, they might seem awkward or counterproductive when your aim is sexual fling or romance, yet a remarkable way of keeping safe and weed out immoral purposes. Even with colleagues or friends in tow, once you develop a connection with your date, it is sweat meeting one on one the next time around.

Ask Questions: One reliable safety LGBT dating tip is to ask questions. The community of LGBT is open and wide but continues to be misinterpreted in so many ways. Know more about your date, his or her history, preference, and other essential info prior to giving information about yourself. This will provide you with a safe and happy date.


Knowing the statistics of the risks and dangers encountered by the LGBT community, equally for adults and teens in the world, of dating means knowing what you search for and being capable of avoiding adding yourself to the current statistics. Many risks are universal. There are also threats that are considered specific to or more commonplace in the community of LGBT. “Knowledge is power,” according to the old saying. So, educating yourself about the statistic is vital in making a safe dating choice in the coming years.

Generally, online dating for LGBT is not almost as scary as some online daters make it out to be. However, it is vital to be vigilant and always ready. Chances are, this guy will be your long-life partner, and all of this planning will be justified.

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