What you need to know about dating a Latina

While all women are different, we can identify a few things you might want to know before dating a Latina – a few cultural tendencies that you should take into account and the most likely traits you might encounter when meeting a girl or woman from the top dating sites or through friends.

Let’s see what makes Latina dates so special!

Family matters a lot

a happy Latin American dinner

For many Latinas, family comes first and is hugely important. They tend to be close to their family members, especially parents, siblings, and abuelitas. There might be a ton of cousins, uncles, and aunts. This also means a lot of family gatherings and a lot of questions from the family to you. You will probably be welcome and fed some delicious food. But you do have to show up for the family parties and traditions. Respect the time she chooses to spend with them.

Punctuality depends on the situation 

a latina holding a clock and thumb up

A very common thing is a more flexible approach to punctuality. This means that unless it’s essential to be on time, and sometimes not even then, a Latina might be fashionably late. The Latino culture tends to be very flexible with the starting times. It’s not uncommon to arrive half an hour, an hour, or more after the time. 

Physical affection is a lot more common 

happy latin american family. curly-haired daughter kissing her mother

For many Latinas, touching, hugging, kissing, and cuddling are common among friends, family members, and, of course, partners. There is a much bigger acceptance for physical affection and such displays can take place among acquaintances and tend to be super common among friends. This means you can expect a lot more displays for yourself. Also, your date might kiss another person on the cheek or hug them enthusiastically without any romantic subtext.

Traditions often matter too

a focus photo of a Latina wearing shoulder-off pink shirt
(Photo by Thaís Silva from Pexels)

Different Latinas will have different preferences in regards to this one, but those who come from a more traditional upbringing or share those values themselves, might have more traditional ideas about dating as well. You will find a lot of women who value a polished and feminine appearance. They can put a lot of time and effort into make-up and fashion, no matter where they go. Some might expect the man to take the initiative in terms of invitations or some decisions. Make sure that you have matching expectations and that your values align. 

She knows about stereotypes 

a Latina woman with earbuds on wearing a white shirt
(Photo by Marcelo Chagas from Pexels)

A Latina is likely to have heard it all before – all the common stereotypes about her sex appeal or attractiveness, judgments about her intellect or character. And much more, beyond what you could guess.

When dating a Latina, it’s important to step away from the stereotypes because there are many. Focus on getting to know the person in front of you. Women seeking men outside of their culture are not looking for a deluge of stereotypes or harmful expectations, but a genuine relationship. Approach each woman on her own terms, and you will be fine. 

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