Why Society Shouldn’t Discourage Single Parent Dating

Society has always found a way to shame single parents for pursuing their love life. The idea behind single parent dating has been stigmatized for a long time. It has been questioned in many different societies around the world. It’s about time we shatter this stereotype. It’s time we allow all people to pursue dating. Whether it’s through online dating platforms or otherwise!

Single parents are dating and they wonder why society shouldn't discourage it

In this article, we break down why society shouldn’t discourage single parent dating:

Serious and Stable Partners

Single parents are level-headed about relationships as they’ve been through the worst patches. They’re more mature than the average online dating site user who isn’t looking for anything serious. Single parents carry an entire family on their backs so they’re quite independent. Plus, they know not to allow mistakes when it comes to kids. Single parents want committed, stable prospective partners, like themselves!

A Welcoming Home

Homes blessed with children are the warmest. Kids are naturally friendly and provide lots of love to those who love them back. While some dating site singletons don’t mention them, it makes for a smoother online dating experience. If the kids take a liking to the new partner, it can be a great source of fulfilment to all parties involved. Like finally finding that missing piece to complete the picture of everyone’s lives.

No Mind Games

Single parents are a hundred times more determined to make their relationships work. It is also true that they have learnt valuable lessons from their previous relationships. They know how to navigate rough patches as they have the benefit of hindsight and maturity. Kids add seriousness to the relationship, so every discussion becomes straightforward and open-minded. Lots of people get led on all the time in online dating, but the chances of that happening with a single parent is low. If they think it won’t work out, they’ll save everyone’s time and be direct.

Already Proven Themselves

Parenting changes people a lot, usually for the better. Most people on dating sites are looking to become moms or dads someday. Single parents have already demonstrated their child-rearing skills and values. If you want to see how good of a parent someone will be to your future kids, you won’t have to look further than their own. This is why it’s so important for single parents to get married. And taking this right away from them is totally unfair!

Loyal and Patient in Love

Looking at online dating site profiles, so many people seem to want to fool around. But single parents are usually not a part of that crowd. They have no rhyme or reason to cheat as they carry so many serious responsibilities. If a single parent makes a place for someone in their homes, they’ve already made a place for them in their hearts. They want to protect their family, so they’re reliable, forgiving and patient.

Respectful of Everyone’s Time

Low maintenance isn’t a bad trait to have in a partner. It doesn’t mean the partner is aloof or disinterested, but that they have their own life. Nobody understands this better than the busiest single parents. This is why they aren’t demanding or hover around everyone else 24/7. They’re quite the ideal romantic partners for other busy people, as they’ll both get each other. And when that special date night comes around, they’re going to appreciate it unlike any other.

Independent But Devoted Partners

Just because someone is a single parent, doesn’t mean that they’re dying to get hitched. They already have their own special family. Single parents only want the special bond which comes from a romantic relationship. It’s quite empowering to have a sense of independence and a non-clingy partner who allows you to grow. At the same time, single parents are very devoted partners and will treat their SO like family. Of course, kids are their number one priority. But if they make the effort to get past the online dating and meet someone in person, they must really like them.

Have Learnt From Past Relationships

There is no denying that people who go through a divorce learn from their mistakes. A relationship takes for both people to be wise. It requires maturity, kindness and empathy. All of these things come flashing at you after a relationship ends. You become more aware of other people’s patterns. You become more connected with your own self. And eventually, you get into a space where you can carry out a relationship with someone else much better. You know your responsibilities. You know your shortcomings. And you know what it will take for you to make the next relationship work. What more can we require from a relationship!

Makes Life Easier For Kids

Most single parents work full-time jobs and have a lot on their plates. In that time, if they find the perfect match on a dating site, then who’s to say no? Society seems to discourage single parents from online dating. But having another partner in life can be a huge bonus. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. Single parenting is a tough, thankless job. When a parent can’t be around their kids too long, having a trusted, genuine partner around is a life-saver. The positive experiences for both the kids and the parents are limitless.

Bottom Line:

All of the above reasons prove how important it is for single parents dating to become destigmatized. We must allow more freedom to our children. We must be more aware of our own patterns. And finally, single parents will get the respect they deserve. Start the change within yourself! Don’t allow anyone to talk down to single parents. And try to convince naysayers that there is nothing wrong with single parents dating. We’re all in this together, and we must make it easier for ourselves. Let’s hope that we are able to create a better society. And become less judgemental towards others!

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