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Tue 11/22/22 05:20 PM
I will not kill Time after Daylight went through the trouble of saving it.

Here is an image of Daylight saving Time:

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Tue 11/22/22 04:11 PM
I am supposed to have a porpoise on Mingle2?
Why didn't someone tell me sooner.

Will this one do?

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Sat 11/19/22 09:46 PM

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Sat 11/19/22 08:12 AM

Always remember that some men (not necessarily Jack here) want Asian and other nationalities of women because they THINK they're more subservient and easier to control.

Any man who thinks that has obviously never encountered modern-day Asian women.

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Thu 11/17/22 04:03 PM
I have to assume that most women here don't give 2 shhhits about common courtesy.

This is nonsense. Women are not obligated to reply to a man whom they do not know.

What you call common courtesy is something of your own making.

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Tue 11/15/22 07:53 AM
Doesn't Mingle2 have an Islam forum for Muslims to use?

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Thu 11/10/22 05:09 PM

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Sun 10/30/22 11:31 PM
So, you want The Monster.

Here you go:

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Sun 10/30/22 11:25 PM

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Thu 10/27/22 01:01 PM
Compatibility is important in any relationship regardless what topic one is dealing with.

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Thu 10/20/22 06:46 AM

any recommendations?

What are you in the mood for?

Comedy: "One Piece"

Action: "My Hero Academia"

Relaxing: "Laid-Back Camp"

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Tue 10/18/22 02:02 PM
We need to put our coins together so that we can buy Mingle2. Who is with me?

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Mon 10/17/22 10:29 AM

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Sun 10/16/22 10:00 PM
Question for Blondey111: Are you ever going to free your dungeon's occupants?

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Sun 10/16/22 01:42 PM
huh Women don't have their own coats? What century is it again?

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Sat 10/15/22 03:37 PM

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Wed 10/12/22 08:02 PM
The initials FIFA stand for Federation Internationale de Football Association.

From Al Arabiya News: "The 2022 Qatar World Cup is less than 50 days away, with the tournament set to attract more than one million football fans from around the globe. Football’s biggest tournament kicks off on November 20 - marking the first time the FIFA tournament has been hosted by a Middle East country - and fans from within the region and across the world are gearing up for the month-long sporting action."

From the International Olympic Committee: "Qatar will host the biggest football show on the planet in 2022, where global stars like Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappe, Pogba, Neymar, and Kane are ready to light it up. . . The stakes are as high as ever with established footballing nations like Brazil, Belgium, Argentina, England, Germany, Portugal, Senegal, South Korea, and many more aiming for glory and a new page of football history."

Due to Qatar's human-rights record, football fans in other nations are protesting: "Officials have clearly been readying themselves for an intense period of scrutiny and activism at one of the most controversial World Cups in football’s history."

From "Qatar has received an avalanche of bad publicity ahead of hosting the World Cup in November and December. The football extravaganza has prompted Western media and NGOs to decry the desert nation’s human rights record, notably concerning the treatment of migrant workers."

From The Guardian: "With the surrounding noise on human rights, worker deaths, image laundering and the rest, it is easy to forget what Qatar 2022 is really all about, the founding message at the very heart of this global festival of football. Which is, of course, corruption."

Being that Mingle2 is an international website - with members in South America, Central America, Mexico, Asia, Africa and Europe - I avoid using ethnocentric term soccer when writing about the game of international football, especially since the game's official name is Football.

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Fri 10/07/22 02:59 PM
How about some positive political news for a change.

500 children being reunited with their parents is a good thing.

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Wed 10/05/22 03:40 PM

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Wed 10/05/22 02:23 PM

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