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Sat 09/23/23 04:14 PM
Actually, the answer is 42. indifferent

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Sat 09/23/23 01:37 AM

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Sat 09/23/23 01:35 AM
Topic: Single guy Looking for Couples

Fred Couples is currently playing in a PGA tournament in Pebble Beach.

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Sat 09/23/23 01:30 AM

A night stand

As you wish:

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Wed 09/20/23 11:32 AM
The worship of Donald Trump continues.

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Thu 08/03/23 07:37 AM

A question for the "western" guys on here. Why are many of you attracted to Asian women, especially from the Far East

Isn't the answer obvious? Asian women tend to be the some of the prettiest women on planet Earth regardless of their age.

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Thu 08/03/23 07:31 AM
Something Vague - part 17

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Sun 07/30/23 04:39 AM

where are the chat room s for older men for younger women?

Try :tongue:

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Fri 07/07/23 02:53 PM
huh Match me according to compatibility?

In that case, the resort had better have its insurance premium paid.

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Fri 06/23/23 06:52 PM

Preparation H huh? What happened to Preparation A thru G?

Dr. Evil tried those, and they didn't work.

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Sun 06/04/23 02:29 PM

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Sat 03/25/23 11:59 AM

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Wed 03/22/23 03:09 PM

I may have found myself a new kitten

What flavor is it?

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Thu 03/16/23 08:25 PM
CNN Headline:

"Fact check: Biden falsely credits tax that took effect in 2023 for deficit reduction in 2021 and 2022"

Story Link

This goes to show that no political party has a monopoly on falsehoods.

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Sat 03/04/23 07:45 PM

"Washington (CNN) — The Conservative Political Action Conference is underway in Maryland. And the members of Congress, former government officials and conservative personalities who spoke at the conference on Thursday and Friday made false claims about a variety of topics."



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Fri 02/24/23 11:53 AM

is it normal for a man to have affair with other women other than his wife

Let me restate the question: Is it normal for a married man to commit adultery?

What is normal depends on what culture that one lives in.

A better question to ask is this: Is it acceptable for a married man to commit adultery?

My answer to the second question is, "No!"

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Thu 02/23/23 12:38 PM

Link to news report

Apparently, Donald Trump and facts do not go together.

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Sat 02/18/23 01:08 PM

Whoever invented alcohol needs to leave immediately :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Is this your way of saying that you regret consuming a toxic amount of alcohol?

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Tue 02/14/23 12:37 PM

Hi, I just joined and wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm in Scotland's capital city. The parliament is just down the road from me. I love this city, but I enjoy travelling as well. Anyone relatively close to where I am? Look forward to hearing back from you...

In honor of your arrival, I am getting out the good stuff.

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Tue 02/14/23 12:32 PM
Some anime shows have me

while some others have me

Sometimes, dubbing anime into English make the show better to my ears. Sometimes, the dubbing makes the anime worse.

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