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Fri 08/12/22 08:23 PM

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Fri 08/12/22 05:40 PM
In Stock:

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Fri 08/12/22 01:37 PM
For sale in the Mingle2 gift shop:

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Fri 08/12/22 08:11 AM

I only want some Bon Bons :joy: I lost weight :joy:

huh At your age?
You Humans never cease to amaze me.

Here you go:

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Fri 08/12/22 07:58 AM
Edited by Dodo_David on Fri 08/12/22 07:58 AM

Ohh come on David, ya know you will need a bottle of Wine in the gift shop for all the Whiners... laugh laugh

As you wish:

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Fri 08/12/22 02:14 AM

Bobble head dolls of our favorite posters, and voodoo dolls of posters who annoy us.

I had to go through my cousin Gordon to get the correct bobble-head doll. He wouldn't agree to the deal unless I sold his bobble-head doll, too. So . . .

As for the voodoo dolls . . .

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Fri 08/12/22 12:27 AM
Edited by Dodo_David on Fri 08/12/22 12:29 AM

Mingle2 cigarettes?

You don't want to buy death sticks.
Well, you do, but this place isn't a smoke shop.
How about a bottle of McEwan's instead?

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Thu 08/11/22 11:53 PM

Is there a big foam finger that says Mingle2 is #1?? I'll rock that bad boy all over town yelling MINGLE ROCKS!!!!. :point_up::point_up:

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Thu 08/11/22 06:45 PM
For sale in the Mingle2 gift shop:

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Thu 08/11/22 06:39 PM

I've always been into older women.I think all round,They are much better than younger women.Unless you can prove me wrong?

The burden of proof is on you.

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Thu 08/11/22 02:10 PM
Edited by Dodo_David on Thu 08/11/22 02:11 PM
Have you been wondering how you can spend the coins that Mingle2's administration has been giving out?

Well, wonder no more.

In the USA, it is common for a hospital to have a gift shop.

It is only fair that a mental hospital have one, too.

So, the Mingle2 gift shop is now open.

Mingle2 members can buy Mingle2 casual wear . . .

. . . as well as Mingle2 formal wear.

Feel free to show what other merchandise that the Mingle2 gift shop should be selling.

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Thu 08/11/22 12:20 PM
361 :smile:

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Tue 08/09/22 05:01 PM
He is also gone.

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Tue 08/09/22 02:21 PM

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Mon 08/08/22 06:24 AM
. . . and she is gone.

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Fri 08/05/22 11:21 AM
Topic: Female best part???!

i want ur thoughts.

To me, the best part is where the female laughs at you.

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Fri 08/05/22 11:18 AM

Boobs, it's all about boobs.

And there have been a lot of them on here lately.

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Wed 08/03/22 09:43 PM

LOOKING FOR FUN :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have you tried a bouncy house?

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Wed 08/03/22 09:41 PM

No longer a free website...Greed Greed Greed!

Don't worry, Freeloaders. Certain features are still free.

it's comments like ''freeloaders'' that is

sure to win them over. ????????????.......between

the negativity

and the changes .......good luck your going to need

a lot of it....

Mingle2 is a business, not a non-profit organization. Mingle2 already provides free features that other similar site charge for.
The free features here are still free. So the "Greed" complaint is unwarranted.

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Wed 08/03/22 06:26 PM

Everyone here is a scamer .. :smirk:
No one is real here !! :pensive:

According to your statement, you, too, are not real and a scammer.

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