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Wed 10/05/22 11:19 AM

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Tue 10/04/22 07:32 PM

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Tue 10/04/22 03:23 PM
This discussion thread is sponsored by the producers of ...

... showing on the Mingle2 Television Network

We now go back to the discussion thread, which was started by someone with sex appeal. However you might want to avoid going into her dungeon.

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Tue 10/04/22 01:02 PM

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Wed 09/28/22 03:19 AM

Welcome to the site.

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Tue 09/27/22 07:46 PM

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Tue 09/27/22 05:41 PM
I have installed food vending machines so that Mingle2 members don't have to wait until the Mingle2 cafeteria opens in order to eat.

I do not anticipate any problems with the food vending machines as long as someone doesn't try to reach inside and . . .

Darn it! Too late. I had better go get the key.

Who invited those meddling kids into Mingle2 anyway?

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Sat 09/24/22 09:43 AM

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Wed 09/21/22 05:50 PM

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Wed 09/21/22 04:22 PM

Meanwhile, back in reality . . .

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Mon 09/19/22 06:39 PM

I just want someone God fearing and white. I'm a beautiful black woman. God fearing too. I have been treated to badly by black men in the past. Just want a change.

Uh, your Mingle2 profile says that you are looking for a woman.

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Mon 09/19/22 06:36 PM
For what it is worth, I have to let the Men in Black x-ray any cake that I make.

They want to make sure that an extraterrestrial like me doesn't make a cake that can help another extraterrestrial escape detention.

Apparently, the Men in Black had a little trouble in one of their detention facilities.

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Thu 09/15/22 12:19 PM

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Thu 09/15/22 12:18 PM

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Thu 09/15/22 04:27 AM

On this Mingle2 Dating Site,

Women are Mild.

huh Oh yeah? Have you ever been inside Blondey111's dungeon?

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Wed 09/14/22 02:06 PM

Wild Women

Have you looked inside caves?

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Mon 09/12/22 11:40 AM

It was just a bribe...hoping you'd continue to bake those cakes:expressionless:. Maybe one more...two, three at the most:expressionless:.

Just as long as I am not asked to put a metal file in a cake. I do not participate in escape attempts.

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Sun 09/11/22 08:49 PM
Edited by Dodo_David on Sun 09/11/22 08:50 PM
Alright, which of you clowns hung up this picture in the Mingle2 gift shop?

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Sun 09/11/22 11:02 AM
When I opened this gift shop, I wasn't expecting it to be turned into a bakery.

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Sat 09/10/22 09:15 PM
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