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Wed 08/01/18 03:33 PM
Rome, next stop please exit the train with all your luggage

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Wed 08/01/18 02:40 PM

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Wed 08/01/18 02:26 PM
hair band

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Wed 08/01/18 02:04 PM
good point Toody, I forgot to mention that.

You have to laugh when leftist lie about things and they call Trump a liar?

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Wed 08/01/18 01:13 PM
time travel

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Wed 08/01/18 01:13 PM

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Wed 08/01/18 01:12 PM

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Wed 08/01/18 01:10 PM
handed over

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Wed 08/01/18 01:05 PM
left hook

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Wed 08/01/18 09:38 AM
well that is your choice but there are tons of beautiful women in Australia and New Zealand.

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Wed 08/01/18 09:21 AM

Eh.....pretty much standard info....just like that wise proverb of "Man who pees on fence will receive shocking news"........... goofball73

and possibly a felony in Arizona and the people democratic republic of California

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Wed 08/01/18 08:30 AM
yeah, and welcome

good luck.

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Wed 08/01/18 08:28 AM
Shovelhead dave

1) the 1% are paying more in taxes if they live in places like New York, California and Massachusetts, but not if you live in Florida or Texas or even New Hampshire

2) Stock buy backs were illegal up to 1982 when the SEC made them legal, I bet you didn't know that?

3)There is no such thing as "trickle down economics" no economist worth its weight in ( insert whatever) will tell it exists, your term is a pejorative term for Supply side economics

Supply side economics has its pros and cons, pros if you're in the financial sector, cons if you are paid a salary/hourly that isnt high paying.

The truth is in every administration since Reagan, certain industries and people have done well, and some people and industries have done poorly.

It depends on what one is doing for a living.

that is the truth.

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Wed 08/01/18 08:16 AM


Not if you quit claim that home to your children, 5 years before you need 24 hour care. It used to be 3 years and they changed it......... easttowest 72

Im curious how would you know to quit claim your deed 5 years before you actually need it?

Ive seen plenty of healthy 90 year old still on their own, mind you living in condos or houses with live in maids , and people are different when it comes to health decline.

And Ive seen plenty of 60 year old who needs assistance living.

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Wed 08/01/18 08:06 AM
I hear you John, and this is where Im torn, I believe in free speech even though I hate some people's thoughts and views but at the same time If I believe in free speech I have to accept that is their right.

No matter how odious I find their position.

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Wed 08/01/18 08:01 AM
Oh I hear you , except for the messages Ive received from a few on the forums, Ive received some messages and you know they are scammers because why would any one in their right mind message a guy who has no pic, and is older than their grandparents parents.

The whole dating side of this site is poo poo to put it nicely.

At least with the forums you have a better chance of meeting someone.

my opinion.

I can just imagine some of the messages you receive ATW , enough to make think WTF.

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Wed 08/01/18 07:55 AM
623, 225, 2229

sweet jesus and I thought my 73 was a lot , not bad for a 100 year old guy

but those aforementioned numbers are friggen mind blowing.

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Wed 08/01/18 07:47 AM
if he is talking about the mutual matches I can tell you without a doubt the matches are a crock of poo poo.

I have currently 73 matches.

Which seems odd because my profile has no pic, it says Im 100 years old , live in Tim Buck two with the polar bears and igloos

nothing filled out and Ive said Im here for the forums only and yet Ive still received messages from these " 20's" something hotties.

Can you say 'scam'?

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Wed 08/01/18 07:27 AM
thanks for sharing that with us.

goonie goo goo.

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Wed 08/01/18 07:16 AM
Is that what he is talking about the "matches" on here?

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