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Tue 01/31/23 10:56 PM
You can only delete the messages you sent but it will still remain in the recipient’s inbox

Block him, and your conversation with him will also disappear from his inbox.

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Thu 01/26/23 10:58 PM
can u search for people on here

Take a look at this thread, it might be helpful finding someone by username, if the profile is not deactivated.

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Wed 01/25/23 10:51 PM
"An experimental vaccine is first tested in animals to evaluate its safety and potential to prevent disease."

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Mon 01/23/23 11:35 AM
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It seems to me these posts are translations of poems in Arabic.

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Mon 01/23/23 07:45 AM
One could also be shopping around for a mate.

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Sat 01/21/23 12:27 PM
Ironically jets are slowing global warming buy leaving vapor trails that filter or block some of the sunlight traveling to earth.

Contrails (clouds caused by air travel emissions) reflect shortwave (visible and ultraviolet) solar radiation back into space. They also trap longwave (infrared) radiation from the Earth. The net effect is a significant warming.

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Fri 01/20/23 11:14 PM
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The questioner was wondering about the reason his conversational partner did not like the coffee.

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Fri 01/20/23 11:56 AM
Have a cup on me Mefikit!

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Fri 01/20/23 08:28 AM

Feeling cionfused as to why it keeps saying I’ve matched with people on here when I don’t even click on profiles and heart / like people ( or however they do it ) so keep getting all these things coming up saying I’ve matched , very strange .

If what you wrote is accurate, then I feel intrigued. In what part of the home page precisely, were you informed being matched?

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Fri 01/20/23 08:16 AM
Fresh prince is a pun of fresh prints.

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Wed 01/18/23 10:50 PM
I should have viewed his profile before telling him how to search.

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Wed 01/18/23 12:22 PM

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Wed 01/18/23 12:19 PM
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Mon 01/16/23 12:39 PM
Edited by Basel on Mon 01/16/23 12:57 PM
There's a whole lot of unregistered lurking going on, as evident by the view to post ratio of
16 : 1 on most threads.

Even the ratio of view to post for this thread does not reveal how much lurking is going on. Because during an online session, one may drop just one post while viewing this thread a few times, or ignore it altogether.

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Mon 01/16/23 08:11 AM
I'm not getting anyone in my area. I live in Connecticut not new york

Try the following:
Click on this link, enter your zip code, set within 40 km and the othe search criteria as you like. Later on you will probably be presented in the webpage with profiles of people who claim to live near you, good luck.

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Sat 01/14/23 10:17 PM
Well, I still have messages in my inbox that are much older than 30 days. Not that I'm complaining.

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Tue 01/10/23 09:50 AM
Edited by Basel on Tue 01/10/23 09:58 AM

I have just 3 nudges and 1 free chat everyday.

I have noticed that Mingle2 is having a Mingle Plus drive, so that could be the reason for the further limiting of the freebies.

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Tue 01/10/23 08:26 AM
As one measure intended to make the task of those who try to scam women a little bit harder!

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Mon 01/09/23 08:30 AM
What if the man is gay!

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Sun 01/08/23 08:40 AM
Try Search Singles:

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