Topic: human-monkey hybrids in China
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Sat 06/13/20 08:31 PM

In a controversial first, a team of researchers have been creating embryos that are part human and part monkey, reports the Spanish daily El País.

Daring biologist: According to the newspaper, the Spanish-born biologist Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte, who operates a lab at the Salk Institute in California, has been working working with monkey researchers in China to perform the disturbing research.
Making chimeras: The technique for making chimeras involves injecting human embryonic stem cells into a days-old embryo of another species. The hope is that the human cells will grow along with the embryo, adding to it.

So far, no part-human part-monkey has been born. Instead, the mixed embryos are only being allowed to develop for a week or two in the lab, at which time they can be studied. That is according to Estrella Núñez, a biologist and administrator at the Catholic University of Murcia, in Spain, who told El País her university is helping to fund the research.

Asked if the El Pais report is accurate, the Salk Institute did not reply. Núñez said in an email she could not comment further until "the results are published."

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Sat 06/13/20 09:42 PM
This might explain Xi's parentage.

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Sat 06/13/20 10:17 PM
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On. Serious note jai .,. There have been some dreadful animal experiments that I abhore pitchfork really sickening !!!!!

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Tue 01/24/23 10:36 PM
It's not a 1rst. The Russians tried it in the late 30's early 40's.

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Wed 01/25/23 08:07 AM
The Pharmaceutical Company's & Makeup company's have been experimenting on Monkey's for years...

Does not surprise me what some do now days.. To me it is a waste and cruel..

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Wed 01/25/23 12:21 PM
I agree TxsGal:thumbsup: . All experimenting on animals needs to stop.

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Wed 01/25/23 07:37 PM
Isn't this how AIDs spread to humans?

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Wed 01/25/23 10:51 PM
"An experimental vaccine is first tested in animals to evaluate its safety and potential to prevent disease."

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Thu 01/26/23 03:23 AM
That might be true Basel but when we hold animals against their will it makes it even crueler. Animals have feelings too just like us.maybe we need to be more science fiction where they test on humans and get the results like in they do in the movies.

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Thu 01/26/23 10:00 AM
a team of researchers have been creating embryos that are part human and part monkey


Apes and humans are both primates on the same branch of the tree of life.
Are they doing this to avoid the legalities of using human stem cells in genetic research?

Which monkey are they using?

From a practical view it makes little sense?
"Monkeys" have very few genetic traits which might benefit humans.

However, if taken as a step towards a science fiction based agenda, it could be the first steps in creating chimera-based intelligent life which could have many practical applications if they can splice outside the primate taxonomy.

But if you think about human-avian chimeras you might get a creature which is intelligent and can fly.
If you think human-aquatic mammal chimeras you might get an intelligent creature which can survive under the oceans and build habitats or farm.

Human-monkey chimeras are a very long way from creating a viable embryo outside the primate branch.
What's more, I'm sure some scientist in the past attempted it and failed so often it was abandoned.
Whether it was the Nazi experiments on people or the USA MK-Ultra experiments or Russian cold war experiments.

I've read and watched enough science fiction to know human hybrid chimeras have been a common theme. Not to mention the horror fiction of human hybrid chimeras which have gone wrong.

Besides, there is a much easier way to create humans with special abilities if nanotechnology advances as predicted by Eric Drexler.