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Mon 06/13/16 02:16 PM


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Mon 06/13/16 02:15 PM

Hey hey, will all you cougars keep it down? The guys are trying to talk.... lol ;^a

Look out, Rob!!!

That pic reminds me of our Maths Teacher
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
rofl rofl rofl

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Fri 06/10/16 02:11 AM

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Fri 06/10/16 02:08 AM
I;m thinking it would be nice to murder some Spammers
rant :laughing: :laughing:

Afer all its Friday too
:laughing: :laughing:

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Thu 06/09/16 02:32 AM
I joined to find that :heart: special someone.
And did do :banana:

So now I'm here to study people and
Mostly to see how a woman's mind works
:laughing: :laughing:

Alas, It might be easier to fly to the moon
:laughing: :laughing:

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Wed 06/08/16 12:55 PM
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I have a friend that I have known for several years. We met online and had a date at first. It became more of a friendship than anything else over time.

About a month ago we agreed to meet again for the first time in years. And explore the possibility of moving beyond friendship. So I picked her up and we spent the day together. I wanted to make it special for her so I packed a picnic. Drove to some mountain trails. Spent the day outdoors. Later, I cooked her a steak dinner. After that I ran her a hot bath because she said she loved bubble baths. We then slept together (no sex) because I really wanted to get to know her again. When she left in the morning I gave her a tap on the mouth and she was off. I did not hear from her for days.

As a matter of fact, she stood me up the following weekend. When we did finally talk, she admitted to me that I was a perfect gentleman. The picnic. The dinner. The bath. She had the greatest time. Nobody ever treated her with that kind of respect. Nobody had ever done that for her before...and she could not handle it.

For all the talk I hear on this forum from women, wanting "A real man"...."No games"..."No drama", etc. It is my guess that most women today could not handle a situation like this as well. Keep in mind, this was not our first meeting. We were friends for almost eight years. The friendship was well established.

After explaining herself, she wanted to see me again but I declined. Not because I faulted her for having issues, we all do. But for not calling me sooner and talking to me. Being open and honest with a little urgency. Like real friends who care do.

Any relationship or would-be-relationship that is worth having (forever) cannot rushed!

Sometimes people's mind's and fears and hopes operate at different speeds.

You cannot rush love[/], just take it at the pace both parties are comfortable at.

What? The OP de-activated?

Grrrrr, got to do something about my timekeeping :laughing: smitten

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Thu 06/02/16 01:21 AM
Belated happy birthday ladyliz

Mmmmm imagine all the cakes you can buy with $75 :laughing:

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Fri 05/27/16 02:50 AM

Marnins all Minglers

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Fri 05/27/16 02:46 AM
Can we do something about the spam please?
Maybe a new spam filter?

sad sad

THANK YOU in advance
:heart: :heart: flowerforyou flowerforyou

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Tue 05/24/16 09:28 AM

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Tue 05/24/16 09:27 AM
:laughing: :laughing:

Gotta feed the machine rofl
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Tue 05/24/16 09:18 AM
Unless I'm wrong,
Religions are based around and upon a CREATOR or GOD figure,

And Scientology is based around/upon (so I understand) attaining different levels of clearness

So I would have to say it is a CULT.

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Tue 05/24/16 09:13 AM

Your profile to me was very warmly written, you strike me as a honest and friendly woman looking for true love. Best wishes to you.

Hiya URMissingLib,

I find your profile as jacktrades said above...

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Tue 05/24/16 09:07 AM

what do you usually think when you read this
in a profile..

or when you read

I need an understanding woman

or an understanding man..

To me...

Its complicated....
Means the person is in a love triangle

I need an understandingman/woman....
Means they want a mind reader

:laughing: :laughing:

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Tue 05/24/16 09:04 AM
Everyone I love make me smile everyday :heart:

And my boss makes me smile too, On pay day
:laughing: :laughing:

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Tue 05/24/16 09:02 AM
Hiya Kathlyn,

Welcome to Mingle,
The forums are a good place to find and make lots of new friends.
Watch out for the scammers and the players too!


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Tue 05/24/16 01:57 AM
Happy Birthday Scoob

drinker drinker

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Mon 05/23/16 10:47 AM

I cook when I have to.
It used to be delicious,
Lately its simply edible
Hahaha - I know you're all laughing

:laughing: rofl

I'm not laughing at you only with you because I know exactly what you mean

I don't know why...
but the food from the take out tastes much nicer lol


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Mon 05/23/16 10:43 AM

some People are really nuttier than Squirrel-Poop!laugh

Yeah they should all be thrown into the Dog Pound
:laughing: :laughing:

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Mon 05/23/16 10:38 AM
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: