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Mon 05/23/16 10:37 AM
FREE - Tammy Payne

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Mon 05/23/16 10:35 AM

Once upon a time,
these speshul folk,
would have been institutionalized,
and subjected to involuntary electro convulsive therapy.

The good ol' days.

They is froot cakes
:laughing: :laughing:

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Mon 05/23/16 10:31 AM

well it might be all in how ya word your profile

for instance...I think mine is down right friendly's cut down on the sheer amount rather nicely

Hiya T Mommy,

I had to read your profile again,
to see how it's done...

:laughing: :laughing:

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Sun 05/22/16 12:52 PM
I cook when I have to.
It used to be delicious,
Lately its simply edible
Hahaha - I know you're all laughing

:laughing: rofl

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Sun 05/22/16 10:59 AM
Hiya LookForward1980,

Sorry to hear everything you have been living for is gone.
Sometimes our relationships fall apart for whatever reasons....

When my marriage went pear shaped,
I found having as little free time as possible was a great help.
And keeping my mind occupied as much as possible helped lots.
I took to studying and looking at various ways to earn a living while working from home. This I did in my evenings after the normal 9 to 5 dungeon duty...

Next, I tried to do everything I dreamed/wanted of doing,
Which helped me address the fact that...
"I am the important person in my life, right now..."

So yeah,
Right now...

You are the most important person in your life,
(Unless you have Children, in which case they come first,
And you after them).

Like many of the other members said,
The forums here are great for friendship to begin with,
And if something mutually grows out of the friendship,
Well that a PLUS I guess.

Plus they are great for simply sharing thoughts,
ideas, many of the members often post their poems, art, jokes and much more.

The main thing is not to rush into anything,
Take Baby Steps and progress at your own pace.

Good Luck.

smile2 waving

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Sat 05/21/16 06:49 PM
641 :)

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Wed 05/18/16 02:49 PM

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Wed 05/18/16 02:46 PM

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Wed 05/18/16 02:45 PM

speaking of which ...just got a message this morning
some guy asking me if I wanted a ride

pretty...sure..he ..

wait up...maybe he doesn't even own a bike surprised surprised

But he may want to take you to the moon....

:laughing: :laughing:

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Wed 05/18/16 02:39 PM
I'm always last when it comes to birthdays :(


And Happy Belated Birthday Rob

Have a few jars for me too \_/
drinker drinker

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Wed 05/18/16 02:35 PM

My 18)she will be 19 in July) daughter just told me she is pregnant. She told me over the phone luckily she wasn't here to see me punch a wall.

I don't know how to react at all. She had everything going for her, National Honor Society, scholarship to law school and now she said she doesn't want that she want's a certification in business management and Photography.

She is pretty guarded about the guy and wont tell me much, and honestly I want to rip him apart.

I made it sound lie I was happy for her on the phone but I am pretty upset, disappointed, livid and feel like it is my fault (there is a history there).

She's throwing her whole life away and there is nothing I can do.

I have never felt so helpless in my life.

My daughter texted me and said in her text...
"Dad I need to talk with you - I have some bad news"

At first I thought to myself, she is pregnant and not married.

The thing with society is that its okay to be pregnant if your'e married
And not okay if your'e not married.

So anyway, later that evening we spoke on the phone (not texting)

And my daughter said...
I lost the bracelet you bought me :(
I'm sorry.....

It was at that moment that I realised,
even if she was pregnant, it wouldn't have mattered.
Because I love her and she has a life to live of her own.

And that sometimes, that's how we learn...
Sure, your mom and pop will give you their BEST advice,
because they don't want you to make the same mistakes as they did....
but as children or as in this case, adolescents,
(caught halfway between being a child and an adult)

we think the world is our oyster and nothing is impossible
And that's just youth for you.

There are many worse things than being pregnant,
like being in a car accident...

Be thankful your daughter has her health,
because health is wealth....
And everything else will into place sooner or later

And besides that, it's NEVER too late to finish studying,
Many mature students take their exams and qualify for degrees and masters and such like even later into life, so really its not the end of her career.

Never say never!
Good luck to you both and her partner too.


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Wed 05/18/16 02:20 PM
Yeah, like Mikey said...

Welcome and good luck.


A lot of new members introduce them selves on this thread.
Its like a kind of short cut to meeting the many nice people on these forums.

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Wed 05/18/16 02:16 PM
I feel like having a take-away,
My cooking isn't all that lately

:laughing: :laughing:

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Wed 05/18/16 02:16 PM

I wonder if he will take a risk

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Wed 05/18/16 03:24 AM
Welcome to mingle and good luck in finding what you seek

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Wed 05/18/16 03:23 AM

For me, Prestige is more important than Money. I believe that anyone can achieve something in life even if they don't have money or riches...... they start from nothing, their only capital are the good attributes/character they possess and the determination to attain their goal and thus gain respect and admiration for what they have become. Yes, money can buy some things that can make you look great or successful and people may look up to you , but it can never buy prestige which is a hard earned respect for your good attributes, hardwork, perseverance and determination.

I agree with everything Dolphin says,
and would add that;

Once lost, money can be regained...
Not so easy to regain prestige once it is lost

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Wed 05/18/16 02:57 AM
Have A Happy Birthday Robxbox73 drinker

And Also A Belated Happy Birthday To You Crystal drinker

This year my birthday is on February 29th
pwawk pwawk :laughing:

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Mon 05/16/16 12:03 PM

Why Do Partners Cheat?

they cheat because they are selfish, self-centered, thoughtless arses.
grumble :angry:

Very articulate ohwell

But true IMO

I agree and it couldn't have said it any better.

As All these folks said already

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Mon 05/16/16 11:50 AM
Welcome to Mingle Jade


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Mon 05/16/16 11:48 AM
Lol this thread made me laugh

:laughing: :laughing:

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