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Sun 10/17/21 05:49 AM
Mmmmm 🤤
I could murder a biriyani right now :joy:

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Sun 10/17/21 05:47 AM

Welcome to Mingle,

Our lives are WHAT we make them,
Gain is not without risk...

Oops a word fell out :joy:

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Sun 10/17/21 05:46 AM
Welcome to Mingle Freeman Davis...

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Sun 10/17/21 05:39 AM
Welcome to Mingle

There are lots of sooper dooper people here...
Some are looking for love and some are looking for only friendship...

So jump right in and mingle :smile:

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Sun 10/17/21 05:34 AM
Welcome to Mingle,

Our lives are we make them,
Gain is not without risk...

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Sat 10/16/21 10:21 AM
Thank You LaskaPaul :pray:
I feel it's fun learning new things...

except work related bumf :joy:

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Sat 10/16/21 10:14 AM
Welcome to Mingle...
I'll pass on the kinky chat, I'm a good Boys :joy:

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Sat 10/16/21 10:12 AM
I binge watched series 1 and 2 of The Outpost...
It's fairly recent, not to be confused with other movies/series called the outpost..

Wow it was sooper dooper :clap::thumbsup::ok_hand:

Can't wait for series 3...
I watched it on I think the sci-fi channel
Internet movie database review

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Sat 10/16/21 09:58 AM
I liked monk too CatInIdaho, I think he was funny too :joy:

Sometimes I can associate with his ocd, like touching lampposts if you walk past them :joy: "Sometimes" 🤣

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Sat 10/16/21 05:16 AM
Welcome all the new members looking for friends waving

Now do you want to be just friends or premium friends? :joy:
Answers on a postcard 🤣

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Sat 10/16/21 05:11 AM

I am not against marriage and if the couple wants children. I'd say in between 25 to 30 years old sounds good.

I guess I agree most with CatInIdaho...

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Sat 10/16/21 04:42 AM
Edited by Nothing on Sat 10/16/21 04:43 AM
A few months ago, whilst going to help my friend at his garage on the weekend, we passed this Fambly of ducks 🦆 🦆:baby_chick::hatched_chick::baby_chick::hatched_chick::baby_chick: whilst cutting through Manchester City centre

Only God and those ducks knew where they were going...

It's such a dangerous place, with city centre dwelling joggers running past the ducks, frightening them and with hard fronted shops and businesses on one side and the busy dual carriage way on the side :scream:

It was very sad to see, but stopping is not permitted so one couldn't just shoo them back to the canal without risking even more danger to the poor duck fambly :cry:...

They're below the large window, bottom right...

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Sat 10/16/21 03:55 AM
For me, it's got to be...

Get Up Get Up - Beverely Knight

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Sat 10/16/21 03:45 AM

a Naked woman robbed a bank

no one remembers her face:wink:🤩

This one...

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Sat 10/16/21 03:38 AM
Awwwwwe chow chweet :joy: Thank you too much :pray:...
My heads gonna be too big for the door now :joy:🤣

There are lots of members with REALLY attractive smiles,
Just scroll through the threads and you will be dazzled :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

I think it's safe to say that the ladies win when it comes to smiles,
Some of you have a smile that's a cuddle too, all rolled into one!!

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Sat 10/16/21 03:29 AM

Would you hire a Professional Cuddler? Being single, we long for touch.

Here is one man's cuddling session, it is a bit long but you do not have to watch it all. :grinning:

Morning Ladywind, the link is/was broken, but managed to watch it anyway...

I never thought there was a market for Hugzzz, but hey its looking like an attractive job now lol

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Sat 10/16/21 03:13 AM
Hello back and welcome to Mingle..

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Fri 10/15/21 03:56 PM
Wow :scream:

So it's not because they got bigger lungs then men :joy:

It's good to cry and let it out, rather than to remain festering underneath...
I'm not ashamed to say I cry every nearly blue moon, when feelings take over ...

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Fri 10/15/21 03:48 PM

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Fri 10/15/21 03:44 PM

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