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Tue 11/01/16 10:27 AM
I like to talk (voice calls) with friends I made on Mingle, this does not stop us from messaging on Mingle, which is a good fallback in case my friends or my phone is playing up...

So really it is better you were blocked sooner than later, at least you have not invested valuable time only to find out the same thing later on...

Good Luck

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Tue 11/01/16 10:21 AM

1- What do you think the biggest threat to the planet  ?

2- What do you think is the biggest threat to your country ?

3- What do you think is the biggest threat to your region/ area/ neighborhood ?

4- What do you think is the biggest threat to your life / lifestyle ?

Hiya Sassy Euro
Hope you are plodding along okay

Asteroid collision and USA's provocative and underlying threats to Russia, could cause potential 3rd world war...

Those idiots in parliament (parly-ment cos they parley all to often)
Screwing up the economic status of the country for us poor working class sufferers...

Immigrants who lower the standard of the locality with their littering and lack of adhesion to UK laws and disregard for neighbours and their neighbours privacy.

Lack of job security in a turbulent time, our company lost 10 long term (5 &/or 8 year) contracts, which results in workers getting laid off...

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Mon 10/31/16 01:54 PM
The Proclaimers - Live At Edinburgh - Rocking The City

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Mon 10/31/16 12:22 PM
Domestic Violence Is Not Acceptable!

Eve - Love Is Blind

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Mon 10/31/16 12:19 PM
Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

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Mon 10/31/16 11:02 AM
Welcome to Mingle guys,

There are lots of awesome genuine ladies on Mingle.

So enjoy the forums and good luck in finding what you seek


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Mon 10/31/16 10:28 AM
Brown bread with lots of bird seed encompassing boursin cheese radishes and then topped off with tons of cabbage


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Thu 10/27/16 11:21 AM

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Thu 10/27/16 11:17 AM
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Good evenin guys

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Thu 10/27/16 11:16 AM

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Thu 10/27/16 09:59 AM

smile2 waving

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Thu 10/27/16 09:55 AM

Two Texan men are talking about their favourite sexual position.

One says he likes the Rodeo.
The other has never heard of it so he asks what is is.

His friends says, you mount your wife from behind, then you reach round and cup both her boobs in your hands. Then you say 'wow, these feel just like your sisters'.

Then you see if you can hold on for 8 seconds.

laugh laugh
rofl rofl

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Thu 10/27/16 09:54 AM

So my son is almost 30
I've been a widow for only a few months
He is not happy at all... that I am dating... He seems to think that 60 year olds should be stuck at home knitting and that a 'love life' should be over..
He is not happy at all... that some other man, may be in his 'dad's bed, fooling around with his mom..
Yes, we've had a talk... I guess time will change his view, I hope..

Awwwww, well you have had the talk and time is a healer...

Good luck :)
Both of you

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Thu 10/27/16 09:48 AM
The fake people are there to balance out the genuine people.

Other wise the world would fall into a never ending spin and the sky would fall down on everyone's head and give them a big headache....

All the good people would meet in heaven and party, the bad people would end up in heavens washing machine on a never ending wash and spin cycle....

laugh laugh

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Thu 10/27/16 09:42 AM
New Technology - Because;
-> Medicine is better/evolved
-> Communication is better/simpler/faster
-> White goods round the house are better too (lighter/cheaper)
-> People are more aware of the damage being done to Mother Earth
-> Easier to catch criminals

Old Times - Because;
-> Morals & Principles were better
-> Family values were more valuable than now
-> Life was uncomplicated

Sorry can't think more....
Brain Freeze

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Thu 10/27/16 09:37 AM
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Welcome to Mingle :)

Good luck in finding what you seek


To both the Noobs :)

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Thu 10/27/16 02:02 AM

Oh well, maybe another time
rofl rofl

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Thu 10/27/16 01:55 AM

I cant login into photo bucket sad
otherwise I could have uploaded a screen shot directly.

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Thu 10/27/16 01:43 AM
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Did you see it?
The first time I pasted the link in, it went to my profile
mad rant rofl

But I fixed it now lol

Cant type properly need breakfast lol

Yes, when I have nothing to do while waiting for my friend to come on-line so we can play DayZ (DayZ TV dot Com)

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Thu 10/27/16 01:40 AM

But why many ppl don't believe the insurance ?

Its a balance between how much they believe they can look after themselves
How overpriced they believe insurance is
and how much they believe that the insurance company would pay up

Mostly for the reasons that SimplyComplicated stated above...

Possibly, it is safe to add that a minority of companies rip the client off and run off with all the monies they have accumulated and no one gets any money at all.

You often see that happening with Pension funds.........
Another means of securing your future,
If GOD wills you live long enough to receive it that is.

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