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Thu 10/27/16 01:29 AM
Edited by Nothing on Thu 10/27/16 01:34 AM

hack your album?
heaven forbid....

I saw it here on

The lady's name is Brenda?

Fixed link

Re-Fixed link so it doesn't go to my profile
rofl rofl

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Thu 10/27/16 01:25 AM

Good morning Rosie,
Did you like the photo of you?
laugh laugh laugh

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Thu 10/27/16 01:18 AM
Morning All

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Wed 10/26/16 02:59 PM
Robin Thicke- Lost Without You

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Wed 10/26/16 12:43 PM
Sinead O'Connor Nothing Compares 2 You

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Wed 10/26/16 12:14 PM
High - Lighthouse Family

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Wed 10/26/16 09:14 AM

* why need to buy a personal insurance

People buy personal insurance in case anything happens to them, then their loved ones are cared/catered for such as children spouse pets etc.

In many cases it also helps to pay for funerals when something fatally serious happens.

And if something non-fatal but serious happens then at least they don't have to worry about medical expenses etc

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Mon 10/24/16 11:45 AM
Oh My Gosh
rofl rofl

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Mon 10/24/16 11:44 AM
Good nite Butri,
Good luck with your lots of stuff to do.

Dont be upset with your mom,
Give her a hug and tell her how much you love her,
Then send me a cake lol for my advice

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Mon 10/24/16 11:41 AM

What is the deal with wanting an email? Even phone number? How can they get money off of you like that? (curious)...

As far as reading profiles, I recently trimmed mine - considerably. Some do read it - others obviously don't. In the end, I think the same questions come up... So, what do you like to do?....

Its all in the photo's most times,

They need your email or phone number so that they can send you a photo with a virus attached, and then using the virus download a remote access client or key logger to your device and then they wait till you use your on-line banking and then your bank account gets emptied....

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Mon 10/24/16 11:37 AM
Thank You All Toooooooo Much :)

I will be sure to pass on your well wishes
and complaints rofl (lol soufie laugh )

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Mon 10/24/16 11:35 AM
I'm looking for Cake
Yummmmmmmmm drool


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Mon 10/24/16 11:32 AM

I hope your Birthday was great Pinkbunny! flowerforyou

As Maria Said.....
Hope your birthday was great!


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Mon 10/24/16 11:31 AM
What's a profile???

rofl rofl

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Sat 10/22/16 05:41 AM
My most awesome and best friend in the world Debbie was admitted into Hospital about 8pm last night.

I have no further news sad
Please pray for her good health and speedy recovery.

GOD Bless You All!

flowerforyou flowerforyou flowerforyou

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Sat 10/22/16 05:36 AM

Look its Mz Rosie...

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Fri 10/21/16 03:05 AM
The Natural Thing - Innocence
(Feat Pink Floyd Guitar Solo)

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Fri 10/21/16 02:46 AM


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Fri 10/21/16 02:43 AM
Hey Ya! - Outkast

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Fri 10/21/16 02:33 AM

Good morning Mz Rosie

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