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Tue 09/28/21 02:35 AM

i'm pretty doing fine here on Forums . The Climate is quite good with Lots of Apples and Oranges and no ones is suffering from Malnutrition.

Sounds like God must be shining His Torch on you...

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Tue 09/28/21 02:34 AM

I have a fine relationship with my motorcycle. Far more interesting than people.

Very nice, I guess a motorbike also gives that feeling of freedom and not bring limited by public transport services lol

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Tue 09/28/21 02:33 AM

I have a social life.


Many Restrictions are lifted, where I live awhile back!

Oh that's nice to hear Toodygirl, kind of makes me mmmm what's the word?...

Jelluss :joy: :joy:

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Tue 09/28/21 02:32 AM

I often feel socially malnourished too, Jaan. For me, this deficiency predates the pandemic by many years. Gatefully I'm blessed with close family members that I routinely spend time with in person.

God Bless Family Technovate...

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Tue 09/28/21 02:31 AM

Are you in lockdown Jaan ? I am sure many are experiencing social malnutrition (love your description )

Many people use social media / FaceTime /zoom to remain connected . However , online connections are a poor substitute for human touch and will unlikely meet all of your social needs .

Being social in the real world requires effort and motivation (precovid) ..being social now requires determination, resilience and public health measuresbiggrin .. not impossible just more creatively challenging waving

p.s. I can recommend surfing .. you can still socialise safely in the ocean smitten smitten

Hiya Ms Blondie,

No I'm not in lockdown, I work in insurance services but only in a clerical role,...

I've eirked more or less right through the pandemic, except for 2 months, 1 month in isolation because of catching the virus, and 1 month off from work in furlough...

Yes it's difficult commuting to work and using public services...
But most confusion came from our Priminister and his speeches :joy::joy:
"if you can work from home do so... If you can't then go to work.... Don't use public transport... Cycle to work..." and lots more useless crazy advice :joy::joy:

Now that trump is not a president any more, it looks like us (UK) have the world's most stupid leader now :joy::flag_gb:🤣

Thank you for your recommendation of surfing, but I can't swim.... So ummmm I'll try some safe surging in the bath tub using the ironing board instead :bath::joy:

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Tue 09/28/21 02:23 AM

Never had one. Don't miss it.

Hiya Motown Downtown....

I know it's nice to be on one's own sometimes and enjoy the silence or nature but I always felt that we are social animals...

I don't know... Its confusing me :joy:

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Tue 09/28/21 02:21 AM

Does playing with my cats and cursing at random strangers on the road count as social life? laugh

Hiya Larsi666,

Do the cats chat back with you?

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Tue 09/28/21 02:19 AM

my social life ain't suffering... I mingle a plenty !!!

No wonder your smile looks so bright and catching :joy:

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Tue 09/28/21 02:18 AM
Hiya StormMessages,

Thank you its been months and years :joy: :joy:
I'm good tyvm, just thought I'd try popping in here for some healthy conversation, God knows I'm starved of it lately :joy:

PS. Please excuse my foggy memory, I'm pushing on now lol :joy:

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Wed 09/22/21 12:08 PM
It's a tie between...

Real Love - Mary J Blige

... And...

Don't Walk Away - Jade

I love the 80s tunes lol :joy:

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Wed 09/22/21 12:01 PM

It can't just be me who's suffering from malnutrition of a social life...

What do you do?, How do you cope with the loneliness of no social life?


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Tue 07/31/18 01:12 PM
BunnyHops123 :heart: shades

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Tue 07/31/18 12:35 PM
Star Trek lol
laugh laugh laugh

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Tue 07/31/18 12:00 PM
General Levy - Shape of You

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Mon 05/21/18 07:34 AM
And then it was time for high tea, and everyone ate toasted teacakes, toasted marshmallows with jelly n ice cream lol

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Mon 04/23/18 01:00 PM
Cos I heard it keeps the Traffic Wardens away :)


flowerforyou laugh laugh laugh

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Mon 04/23/18 12:42 PM
Try to get an UPTO-DATE one not some old GT710,
Make sure it supports DX12 and since you only wanna watch movies a 1Gb - 2Gb is more than enough.

Passively cooled ones are silent and can run *Hot*
Better to buy one which is actively cooled (has a fan on it)

Good Luck :)

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Mon 04/23/18 12:38 PM
I'm looking for a very beautiful friend whom I miss loads...
And also looking for Jelly n Ice Cream :)


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Mon 04/23/18 12:32 PM
I Surrender - Love and Laughter
Old Skoool RnB

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Mon 04/09/18 11:53 AM
Happy Birthday Storm
I'm last as usual lol

Hope you had A most wonderful day.


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