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Fri 10/15/21 03:41 PM
I hope they find extra terrestrials on Mars...

One of them loaned £5 off me, said he wanted to phone home :house_with_garden: :joy:

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Fri 10/15/21 03:38 PM
I love a gorgeous smile,

It makes a gawjuss person bootiful :heart_eyes:

As for myself I blame my chops :joy:

Nowadays I only open my mouf to eat sammiches and cakes :joy:

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Fri 10/15/21 03:22 PM

It is a great gesture!
But whether or not you have a say in that as an author depends on the contract you have with your publisher.
And I'm guesstimating what's in there, and your influence on it, in turn depends on how famous you are. I think someone like J.K. Rowlings and Stephen King can pretty much decide what they want as their books sell like hot cakes.

Nevertheless, a great gesture!

As a child at school and early adult life, I used to love reading. My favourite author was Michener... Now I mostly read pickchures :joy:

Writers are awesome aren't they? I mean how do they come up with these fantastic stories which are so good that they get made into a movie...

And even though some movies are good, they still fall short of the original written version...

On a different note, talking of cakes...
I like hot cakes :joy: I like cold cakes and sammiches too :joy:

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Fri 10/15/21 03:17 PM

Her book is called Beautiful World, Where Are You.

I was just reading about this earlier today.

A beautiful world...

Thank you, I did a search and came up with 4 paperbacks listed, that was one if them...

I'm in the kitchen :joy:
Where are you?

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Fri 10/15/21 03:13 PM

Hiya Robin,

No I didn't...
But if you give me the competition address I'll try my best...

yeah sure

just after 2 bita 3 obley street,
pass the river on trees an
welcome to mingle jungle show

they have a monkey me already
need a gorilla 🦍
:grin::grin::grin: :thumbsup:

Something something street,
Past the river an trees :joy:

Awwwwwe shame they don't need a goat herder without goats 🤣 :goat::goat:

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Fri 10/15/21 03:11 PM
Welcome to Mingle...

No no it's fine :smile:,
This IS the right place to introduce yourself...

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Fri 10/15/21 03:08 PM
Welcome to Mingle,

Good luck in finding what you seek...
A soul mate, a friend or (like me) a 🥪 sammich :joy:

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Fri 10/15/21 10:05 AM
I love VB and., currently I'm dabbling in Spin for the parallax propeller microcontroller...

It's hobby thing to pass time lol :joy:

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Fri 10/15/21 09:52 AM


Did you ever make out thAt even i'm a monkey...:grin::grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
but just looks alike human :thumbsup:
Well its good to see you smiling..

just stay safe and take care of health
Enjoy Mingle :thumbsup:

Hiya Robin,

No I didn't...
But if you give me the competition address I'll try my best...

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Fri 10/15/21 09:49 AM

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays make me EXTREMELY Happy...

Have a happy weekend everyone!!

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Fri 10/15/21 09:46 AM
That's a lot of information...

I will need at least a week to comprehend it :joy:

Also since you're from Japan, have you been to the Awa dance? (I saw it on TV lol) ...

Welcome to Mingle too...

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Fri 10/15/21 08:30 AM

Thanks To All Mingle Forums Admin, Staff & Mods.. for giving use such precious stage:bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:
Also Thanking All Minglers presence in Forums:slight_smile:
:pray:@Apple, @Kevin :pray:
@Jaan_Doh, @Laska...,
@Delightful, @KitKat,
@Pumpi...., @Cloudy .....etc:wink:

& Especially Aatheera Too:cherry_blossom:

Have A Nice Time:slight_smile:


Thank You Robin... :pray:

Thats so sweet...
I always worry I owe money to people when they're nice to me :joy: :joy:

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Fri 10/15/21 08:28 AM

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our days greater.

Amen to that...

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Fri 10/15/21 08:27 AM

What qualities do you admire in a strong woman or man you have met?
Humility, wisdom, self control and a balanced spiritual life I admire.
Yes, spiritual life. I believe we are body, soul and spirit.
Do you??

Here are some people I admire....
Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc, the holocaust survivors, sufferagettes, and the list could go on...

I feel spirituality is very important as it tends to give strong moral and ethical values to a person too...

Self control too is good as too much of any one thing is definitely a no no...

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Thu 10/14/21 06:37 AM

hopefully some of the mingle men will share their views on what goes through their mind when a women goes silent . I know many seem to struggle with that .
I agree silence can help calm and reset the situation as long as it is not used as a punishment .

I adore your last sentence ❤ such a beautiful acknowledgment and very true . :bouquet:

punishment :grin::grin: definitely not :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks Blondey, take care :hugging:

I think and feel that she is thinking of buying a size 12 frying pan :egg: :joy: 🤣 and gonna do my murder with it while I'm sleeping :joy:🤣:egg:(insert gravestone emoji here)

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Thu 10/14/21 06:34 AM

Hi Jaan waving ..we all have different triggers and thresholds when it comes to buttons being pushed .... I find sticking long needles into voodoo dolls very therapeutic laugh laugh laugh

Hahaha sounds VERY therapeutic and reminds me of a movie about a fallen star :star2: :joy:

Please remind me NEVER to get on your wrong side 🤣

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Thu 10/14/21 06:30 AM

I think they must have no compassion or empathy. Even animal experiments are sick.

@Ladywind, Yes they don't have any compassion, it's faceless governments...

I agree animal experiments are bad too...

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Thu 10/14/21 06:26 AM

Welcome :slight_smile:
As Forums is welcomed to everyone even if i don't say it too:grin::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Jaan_Doh :wave:
Have A Peaceful Time:pray:

Cheers Robin,

Are you a moderator here?
I'm just nosey by nature :joy:

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Thu 10/14/21 06:25 AM

I have responded to threads when I know they are old. I may have something to add that nobody else has said.

Hiya CatInIdaho,

I think that's good as it adds more value/info to the thread, since it's a fresh perspective, view or opinion that wasn't mentioned by other members...

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Thu 10/14/21 06:22 AM

Actually we only use the first three pages to direct members too if the Topic has already been posted...

If the thread is older then that we leave it to start a new one..

Hope that answers some questions..

And the only time we will delete a thread that has been brought back up, is if it is now against the Site Rules...

At times if we delete a response it is due to it was just about the OP that is no longer active..Therefore no reason to bring it back..

Good to know! Thanks TXgalhappy

I agree with CoolChicDee...

I couldn't find the right words lol
To say it's good to know :joy:

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