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Thu 10/14/21 06:18 AM

Secondly i drop in their posted thread so thier originalty never gets copied... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nice to hear from You @Jaan_Doh
Keep doing what your heart feels to,
don't bother about what other thinks/tells.. as it doesn't matters. :laughing::laughing:
Until hurting anyone's feelings

Have A Nice Time :thumbsup:

Thank you Robin :pray:

I completely agree with the (not) hurting anyone's feelings bit...

I feel it's not neccessy too, and doing such things never makes you happy either or diminishes the hurt...

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Thu 10/14/21 06:13 AM

@Jaan - Nice to hear from you :slight_smile:

have good times here :thumbsup:

Thank You :pray:

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Thu 10/14/21 06:12 AM

The post i meant was some of jokes an poems post which are old
but i drop in that post an topic is again alive for few readers..
As jokes an poem are never death..

Stay Safe & Have A Good Health

I do like laughter, joy and jokes in a forum, it helps relieve stress or just helps make light of some situations...

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Wed 10/13/21 10:02 AM
Well done Sally Rooney who reserved her rights of translation for the book she wrote...

She is a supporter of Palestine, and she didn't allow her book to be translated into Hebrew, because....

She explained her decision as an expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people “in their struggle for freedom, justice and equality”.

So because of this, she's getting a lot of stick, but in all fairness, if you authored a book it's your right to choose whether to translate it or use as toilet paper or firewood or whatever...

I don't know the name or topic of her book lol :joy:...

But I think I'll support her by buying the book :joy:

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Wed 10/13/21 09:56 AM

Let sleeping dogs lie ....
Basically , I think by commenting on a post , I am actually replying to the OP..... and likewise so do the other posters if the thread is seven years old .... the OP is probably long gone wats the point ???
If you liked the thread so much , be original and creative and start a new thread of your own ... it does not suit you to piggyback on someone else's creativity.... just saying !!!

Yup, gotta agree with this. I see the forums as an ongoing conversation. If a subject is months, or years, old, and OP is long gone, what's the point?

Hiya mototowndowntown,

I hear ya, but sometimes though, before i realise the thread is old, I've already submitted a response, only for someone else to come along and point out the topic finished 5 years ago lol :joy:

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Wed 10/13/21 09:52 AM

It depends on the subject and what kind of mood I’m in whether or
not I post a comment on a really old topic. :wink:

@Slim....... the only problem with starting your own topic is that the mods usually direct you to one
that’s already in progress. Not sure how far back they go with them what

Hiya Coolchick Dee,

Mmmm speaking for myself, I only come online if I feel like talking, though in some cases I think to myself... There's not enough free time to post my answer... or maybe I think... A short answer won't suffice or do the topic justice...

At times like that (sorry but) I simply throw the towel in lol :joy:

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Wed 10/13/21 09:48 AM

Let sleeping dogs lie ....
Basically , I think by commenting on a post , I am actually replying to the OP..... and likewise so do the other posters if the thread is seven years old .... the OP is probably long gone wats the point ???
If you liked the thread so much , be original and creative and start a new thread of your own ... it does not suit you to piggyback on someone else's creativity.... just saying !!!

Hiya again Slim gym,

You know that thought went through my mind too, the fact the thread starter may no longer even be a member...

I like the thought of originality too, although in some/many cases that may not be possible...

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Wed 10/13/21 09:45 AM

definitely, particularly, interestingly the poems written by such talented writers..
love to read them ❤

Hiya Aatheera,

Are you an aspiring poet\poetess?
(is that a word? Poetess?) :joy:

Gosh I could write everything I know about poetry on the back of a stamp :joy:
So yes, sorry I don't know any poetry...

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Wed 10/13/21 09:41 AM

I'm quite illiterate, but I read a Lotz of Thread over and Over again whenever I have to pass a Time . Becoz ......
Reading is Dreaming with Open Eyes .

Hiya Laska Paul,

Are you from Alaska? (because of your nickname/username)...

Well there's nothing wrong with being illiterate since we all start out illiterate, and reading is a sure way to improve literacy..

I have that "too much time" issue too...
Mostly it happens when I'm at work lol :joy:

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Wed 10/13/21 09:37 AM

I already am doing it an posting too.

Hiya Robin,

Well done you!! Have you got ant tips? :joy:

Sometimes I post a reply or response and only THEN notice the thread was years old :joy::pensive:

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Wed 10/13/21 09:35 AM

I think it's fine. When new minglers try to bring something up, the post gets deleted and locked. What is their recourse if they wan to speak on a particular subject?

Hiya bobtail76,

Oh yes I'd forgotten about locked/closed threads...

You do have a point and I guess the obvious answer is that new minglers start a new thread with the same question... In order to get responses to a topic which be of deep interest to them...

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Wed 10/13/21 09:32 AM

No. After a topic has run its course you usually get a few pages of "hi!" and "I like you" and "yes".
No point in trying to bring a dead horse back to life.
And some will be brought back after a while, like the would you make the first move. We've had that before at least once, but it's been a while. Now there's interest in it again. Yet if you'd try to breeze life into the old one... I doubt it'd work. The most interesting replies is usually in the first few pages.

Hiya Sparkling Crystal,

I have to admit I agree with everything in your response, and I think you hit the nail on the head when you say the most interesting replies are in the first few pages...

And (I feel) sometimes reading through pages and pages of repitious responses gets tiring too, since they don't add value to a conversation...

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Wed 10/13/21 09:27 AM

No. I sometimes start threads and check out if they have been posted before. I think new Minglers and new perspectives!!
I recently checked out "The five love languages" on here and decided not to post because it has been done before.

I am sure the old threads are interesting. Minglers love to chat :grinning:

Hiya Ladywind,

I don't think I've read that thread (The five languages of love) ...

Mmmm it's that phrase "minglers love to chat" lol :joy:

Gosh but there's.... Mmmm what's the word? (joy? \satisfaction)...

I have to admit that there is a certain amount of joy/satisfaction in interrogating people to see how they view certain topics...

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Wed 10/13/21 09:22 AM

I've actually thought about this very thing. And my answer is yes, if I was really interested in the topic and had something to add I would. Eventually, maybe someone else will do the same thing we do, and read the old threads...and our post will get read. smile2

I second that, I do that too!

Thank you both for your input...

I often wondered that maybe the point I want to make or my view on the thread starters post, has already been stated by another member, in which case I'm just rabbiting on parrot fashion lol....

And then sometimes I think to myself... 50 odd pages??... I'm not reading through all those :joy: to see if another member has already stated my view/opinion...

Do you get those thoughts running through your mind too?... Or do I just have way too much free time lol :joy:

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Wed 10/13/21 04:11 AM
Some times, when I have too much time on my hands :joy:,

I try to read threads where the topic subject is interesting, funny or has that something which caught my eye/attention...

And often, the date of posting/replying will be like a year ago or even couple of years ago lol...

Would YOU respond/reply to a thread which is old or seems to have run its course? Knowing that you may not receive any replies or further conversation in that thread? (because you came along after the conversation finished a year ago lol) ...

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Wed 10/13/21 04:02 AM
Often you can find stuff done (experiments) on Mankind in the name of science, but for no discernable benefit, and in many cases the experiments are done without the guinea pigs even knowing....

Its very sad really, because the scientists could have thought to themselves, what would to me if I were placed in solitary confinement instead of experimenting on helpless children!!

It kind of reminds me of the US govt experiments during the cold War and run up to the cold War, where the government had these factories with huge chimney stacks, spewing out radiation/fallout to see what would happen... Naturally the towns where this occurred had a whole generation giving birth to deformed and ill children... :rolling_eyes::scream:

Some times I feel and think that we're not civilised at all... We're just animals with clothes on :rolling_eyes:....

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Tue 10/12/21 02:50 AM

I can save some money in the girls department, but the clothes aren't that good for me.

As a teenager being tall and skinny always meant it was difficult to find pants/jeans that fitted, either the trousers :jeans: were too short but fitted the waist, or were correct length but too big around the waist...

I wonder if it's the same in reverse for short people.. :thinking:

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Mon 10/11/21 06:31 PM
Edited by Nothing on Mon 10/11/21 06:33 PM

I knew the following order, just not what to do. good to know, thanks!
I find it highly confusing to do the amber a second time, glad we don't have that. Over here it just means, pay attention, it's going red any second now!

I remember the UK also had roundabouts, just as we do. We have lots of 'em as they help keep traffic going.
I saw a clip the other day on that, and apparently they don't really have them in the US, or very few. Have to admit when I was in Alabama I didn't see a single one.

My ex wife struggled with roundabouts, but managed to master them on her 3rd driving test...

I guess the crazy roundabout in Swindon doesn't help either...

The magic roundabout, Swindon UK
Source Reddit

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Mon 10/11/21 06:06 PM
When someone refers to Indians, Pakistanis, Africans or English people, but they come out with the words "your people" to me...

It's true that I associate with all of those nationalities, and it just presses my buttons :joy:

So much so that I may go shopping for a size 12 frying pan the same day :egg::joy:

I may even respond with... Have you ever been murdered before? :joy:🤣

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Mon 10/11/21 09:55 AM
In UK Amber light (on its own) means Stop...

Traffic lights UK
In Britain, normal traffic lights follow this sequence:
Red – Stop, do not proceed.
Red and Amber - Get ready to proceed, but do not proceed yet.
Green – Proceed if the intersection or crossing is clear, vehicles are not allowed to block the intersection or crossing.
Amber - Stop, unless it is unsafe to do so.

After Amber it goes back to red...

Traffic light - Wikipedia › wiki › Traffic_light

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