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Mon 01/16/17 12:25 PM
Jelly an Ice Cream
drool drool drool

I was going to take a photo,
But its all gone now lol

laugh laugh
rofl rofl

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Mon 01/16/17 12:15 PM

Does anyone know anything about the HTC Desire 530 android phone?frustrated frustrated frustrated frustrated

Hiya Ladyof3,
MMMMMM I'm not an expert but whats up?

I still have desire 610 in one of the draws somewhere and maybe they are similar...


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Tue 12/27/16 05:32 AM

你好 新來的:bug: 英文可以最好寫中文啦

Hello new to: :bug: English can write the best friends

Welcome to Mingle.

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Thu 11/17/16 10:25 AM
Hiya all,

I'm Jaan, been divorced since 2001,
Had a few relationships and they didn't work out,
finally met a lady on here,
she moved in with me, we're planning on getting married.

Made some lovely friends on here too,
And one VERY exceptional friend,
Who has stood by me and given me
good advice when my head went south.

I loved Mingle for the forums,
but since my friend has been unwell,
I don't really feel like talking.

There is someone out there for
each and every one of you!
You have to climb out from behind
your comfort zone and put yourself in the mix!!!

If your not in the love game,
then how can you expect to be a winner?


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Mon 11/14/16 12:32 PM

Is it better to burn out or fade away?

Yes it is....

Are we there yet?

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Mon 11/14/16 02:34 AM
to Street Cleaners

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Mon 11/14/16 02:24 AM
Yes - It's possible

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Sun 11/13/16 01:03 AM

What is a squeek?

A squeak is the noise your mouse makes when you press the buttons too hard...

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Fri 11/11/16 12:15 PM
The one's I love, as in,
Family, Partner, Friends.

Everything else can be replaced.

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Fri 11/11/16 12:10 PM
I don't mind trying to help you improve your English.
Yet, if you become a little wild because of this,
then I cannot be held responsible.


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Tue 11/08/16 02:13 PM

i'm not hangout a lot, basically not talking much, so by the time i want get to know a man, i just don't know what to do.

Hello mamorukum,

Welcome to mingle

I really like simplycomplicated's answer

People are more interested in talking about themselves than others.

This is good because you can use this to start a conversation and get to know them more before you tell them anything much about yourself.

Telling others too much about yourself at the start leaves you vulnerable to having them trying to be who you want rather than who they are.

Every one to some degree has the same problem as you talking to others. Its a bit like dancing, practice makes for improvement so practice talking to others where it doesn't matter like at the check out at the supermarket.

The supermarket sounds like a super place to sharpen your social skills.

I also like Cheeriosoo's answer

Use your chemistry, start , just by saying hi, be you and be safe.

Basically just be yourself, people will either like you or not, but its not the end of the world, and there are plenty more fishes in the sea.

You also added...

I think if i said that to a guy that i just met, they probably will think that i'm crazy or just run awaya. lol.
the problem is that, other than i have problem to start conversation, i have low esteem as well. since i am boyish girl as appearance, i always think that guys just like feminim and pretty girl. so that what's make me never approach a guy in the first place :pensive:

Try not to sink yourself before you get started, think POSITIVE, not negative, guys around the world like all kinds of women, slim ones, curvy ones, fuller figured one's, all kinds, different one's...

So you state in your profile that you have a few extra pounds, don't a lot of women have a few extra pounds?

Your'e fine, do what you like to do and one day you will meet your match,

Most times, life is kinda like when you want/seek something its difficult to find...

And then BANG on some days you meet people who you click with and they rock your world....

If I go on a blind-date/first-date, I try to find out what make's the person laugh, what they despise or hate or dislike.

I try to find out what they like to do in their free time, to see whether they like similar activities/hobbies/interests to myself.

And I like to find out what a person's taste in music too, after all music is an international language :)

Well Good luck in finding what you seek.


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Tue 11/08/16 02:03 PM
Welcome to Mingle Lexie

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Tue 11/08/16 09:24 AM
After having a good fondle all over....

I have to admit I feel the same as I did yesterday and the week before...

laugh rofl

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Tue 11/08/16 09:23 AM
Welcome to Mingle,

Good luck too in finding what you seek...

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Tue 11/08/16 02:42 AM

Morning Rosie

Heres the pic of your clone lol
My photo bucket is working again

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Tue 11/08/16 02:26 AM
Trump will make USA great again...

Or kill everyone on the planet trying....
rofl rofl

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Mon 11/07/16 11:14 AM
Who's going to Win?

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Thu 11/03/16 10:01 AM

Love, loyalty, being real & keeping it real are 4 different things.

Yep, What Sassy Euro said above....

Welcome to Mingle too by the way.

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Tue 11/01/16 04:53 PM
It is a well known fact reported in the maority of UK tabloids some years back that google stole the WIFI passwords of every internet connected user's router during the street view mapping era.

We all know that google stole the WIFI passwords for every WIFI device that its street view cars passed by when mapping the street view maps in mainland UK.....

The European courts adjudicated over the case and decided that google should delete those "Stolen" Passwords, but google (as usual) gave the finger to the courts....

It seems like in today's age of High Tech, businesses still maintain more power than governments and courts, as can be seen by the lack of Starbucks, Google, Apple and Facebook to name a few to pay their debts...

No wonder the average Joe has to pay more in taxes, no doubt this is to cover the shortfall due to the the £11 Billion plus owed in taxes to the UK.

The UK public ought to boycott those companies products and services

Google act's un-responsibly

Taxes owed to UK by foreign businesses

Tax Avoidances - The Hidden Cost

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Tue 11/01/16 10:28 AM
Jelly (and Ice Cream)

Mmmmmm Yummmmmmmm


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