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Mon 02/09/09 07:49 PM
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Mon 02/09/09 07:27 PM
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Mon 02/09/09 07:25 PM

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Mon 02/09/09 07:23 PM

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Mon 02/09/09 07:21 PM

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Mon 02/09/09 06:58 PM

WELCOME To cell block "D" Escape is rare

But with good behavior you can get early parole

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Fri 02/06/09 06:21 PM

They put you in a little box

They cover you over with dirt and rocks

The worms crawl in

The worms crawl out

The worms play pea knuckle on your snout

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Thu 02/05/09 06:58 PM

Come on up to Canada, We have nice moose here!

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Wed 02/04/09 07:22 PM

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Wed 02/04/09 07:20 PM
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Wed 02/04/09 07:12 PM

I was born wet,naked,and hungry

It just got worse from there

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Wed 02/04/09 07:05 PM

Put pictures in the forum, but it doesn't work anymore like it did the first time you helped me out. The address or path goes into the forum but not the picture

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Wed 02/04/09 06:49 PM

Now if I could only get that darn photo bucket to work.

I've tried some of the things that I have read in the posts

but I just seem to be missing something

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Wed 02/04/09 06:42 PM

Yup, I had a tear in my bicep but with laser therapy it healed up just fine

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Wed 02/04/09 06:38 PM

Have started drinking on Fri. and not stop untill Sun. morning around 9am
Rember AA is for quiters...drinker

Can you say liver transplant

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Wed 02/04/09 06:31 PM

Can we do this standing up, or should I just take you over my knee

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Wed 02/04/09 06:29 PM

It's nice to here thatblushing blushing blushing

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Wed 02/04/09 06:26 PM

Only until you run out of money

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Wed 02/04/09 06:24 PM

Doing good now that I'm back to work from my injury.

Hard to find much time to be on here

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Wed 02/04/09 06:18 PM

Hi HG, I'm real easy to pleaseflowerforyou