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Sun 10/28/18 06:22 AM

Marriage ..... you may think it's a word but it's really a sentence

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Wed 07/18/18 01:21 PM

The way I see it is,if the person pulls away because it won't go beyond a certain point then they weren't
a friend in the first place.

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Mon 07/16/18 09:28 PM

Have you ever tried to tickle yourself ? Doesn't work
Something to make you go Hmmm

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Sat 06/09/18 07:17 AM

Love is grand....
And divorce is 50 grand

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Sun 05/20/18 03:52 PM

Don't sweat the petty things.........
And don't pet the sweaty things.....

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Thu 03/08/18 11:03 AM

It's not so much what you say, but how you say it.

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Wed 02/07/18 04:44 PM

As a child I was told in dealing with an amount of food " Your eyes are bigger than your stomach "

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Fri 01/26/18 01:47 PM

The possibility is always there
It's the probability thats the problem

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Wed 01/03/18 12:29 PM

dose size really matter

Ya...especially if you are being lifted onto something

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Sat 12/30/17 08:19 AM

The problem with pork is it can dry out fast so you need to keep a close eye on the internal temp.
Use a meat thermometer and go with 160-170 internal and it is ok to have a slight pink in the middle.
I used my toaster oven to cook which also has convection & a rotisserie, but I went with a little
lower temp at 380. Again it's the internal temp that tells you how the meat is cooked and if it happens
to dry out just make a gravy.

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Wed 12/13/17 05:56 PM

What did you enjoy most that is worth the money then? Just curious :innocent:

I think you misunderstood me, when I used the words cost & pay I wasn't talking about money
Only that you may end up doing things that you other wise wouldn't have done going by yourself
When you travel with others you have to consider their want & needs

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Fri 10/13/17 11:36 PM

Sadly I'm at a stage in my life were I'm bored, the best decades have come and gone the 80s and 90s, I decided to go on holiday by myself not far from home about 100miles near the coast in Suffolk England, its great but I just st don't know anyone anymore, so I'm forced to the travel on my own. Loved to meet others WO are struggling with this and the general boredom. I experience, travel is good but twos better them one.

This is my take on what you have said: I have travelled with a buddy, travelled with a couple, travelled with a
girl friend, travelled with a wife & children and I have travelled solo. And what have I learned from this?
Is compromise, I'm not saying it's wrong, it's reality, that is the cost of travelling with more than one. When
you travel solo it all becomes about you and your journey and that is not wrong either. So what you need to
ask yourself is what are you willing to pay?

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Fri 10/13/17 10:36 PM

Comparing yourself is not the way to go about it ....

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Thu 10/12/17 03:18 PM

My two wheel season is coming to a close up here in Canada but next year I think that I want to
scratch one off the bucket list:
Million dollar highway- Rocky Mnt.National Park
Smoky Mnts.

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Wed 10/04/17 11:28 AM

What makes me shake my head is how people fall for ...... You have won!
How do you win something you never entered?
And then you have to pay to get that prize.... big red flag
Just start asking the W5 questions and the scam ball will soon start to
unravel because the answers you get won't be specific.... red flag

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Wed 09/27/17 09:29 PM

At double & a half , overtime wasn't so bad

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Fri 09/22/17 07:27 AM

I remember my first computer........
When it broke you walked over to the sharpener turned the handle

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Wed 07/26/17 06:19 AM

BTW, they have pacemakers that are constantly updating info to Doctors via the internet about a patients heart. So having devices inside the body that can be hacked is not that new.

just sayin...

That is true, but people are not being hacked open to have the info stolen off the pace maker
The new century phyco will just cut your hand off

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Mon 07/24/17 10:26 PM

The only chip your going to put in me is salt & vinegar

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Tue 04/04/17 07:24 AM

Do you! think people that ride motorbikes are selfish..ok.. before you go off the deep end on me hear me out..

First off it's pretty much a solo activitie. Bit selfish Secondly ..Hells Angels.. are not exactly considered selfless people.. and they all ride offense to any Hells Angels out it's true. Guns drugs prostitution.. not exactly benefits to society..ok..Lol.. maybe some is lol..

And .. it' can be very dangerous..
Putting yourself in dangers way..
Is a bit selfish...And they are very loud disturbing neighborhoods.. disrespectful to your neighbors.. another sign of selfishness...
Also riding a bike just screams look at me.. and my need for attention..
More selfish behavior...

..ok Now !I get the the joy of riding a motorbike and the freedom that comes with it... and the rebellious. Spirit..
But..hmmmmm... just all seems a bit selfish.....

ok.. let's not make this about me..ok..
I like bikes

Well I'd agree with you .............. but then we would both be wrong
I'll tell you what selfish is and that is driving a car with a phone in your hand

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