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Sat 06/13/15 02:47 PM

OK so if you are going to call just to cancel here is what you do........
Don't call in the first place, just stop paying the subscription
Eventually someone will call you and when they do tell the person
that there call is important to you and you will be with them in a minute
Put the phone down by the radio and come back in five minutes
Repeat as necessary
This won't solve anything but think of the fun you'll have

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Thu 06/11/15 11:12 PM

Just F...en Pathetic and thats your tax dollars at work for you
and just think how much safer life is now after the hero's swooped
in and rid us of the evil

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Sat 06/06/15 07:01 AM

I don't care so much about the wheels as much as who was touching it last and where were there hands

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Sun 05/24/15 07:38 PM

I have been the victim of computer hack that accessed my camera and therefore will never again have an operating camera on my computer. If we are not planning to meet in person, my voice and my words should be enough.

You got hacked because you have a computer not because you had skype or a camera

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Wed 05/13/15 12:50 PM

Who out there loves animals and knows about goats. Would love to chat with an experienced goat person . Only experienced please:tongue:

experienced with goats... does that sound odd to anyone else?

laugh laugh laugh

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Thu 04/23/15 02:18 PM

Clearly a dog is mans best friend
Here is an experiment you can do to prove that
Put a dog and your girlfriend in the trunk of a car and close the lid
When you come back after an hour and open the trunk
Who is happiest to see you

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Mon 04/20/15 03:13 PM

Talking to the ex......
My daddy always said if you don't have anything good to say
Don't say anything at all

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Fri 04/17/15 10:07 PM

Let me get this straight....... So cardboard and plastic that is mass produced in china and sold
at Walmart is the portal to a different dimension , really ?

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Thu 04/16/15 09:26 AM

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day
Teach a man to fish
And he will be in a boat drinking beer all day

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Tue 04/14/15 09:53 PM

Here is my suggestion, set some parameters so that people will have a better idea as to what
you would like to do. eg. you want to see ocean,lakes, mountains & hiking to see more of nature
or are you just talking about going to a city. If you could be a bit more specific I think that would
help you in getting some suggestions.

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Fri 04/03/15 01:03 PM

Even the calendar say WTF after tue

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Tue 03/17/15 12:33 PM
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Doobie Brothers, Blue oyster cult, April Wine, Nazareth, Moody Blues, Black Sabbath, Styx,

Electric light orchestra,David Bowie, Emerson Lake & palmer,FM, BTO, Prism, ZZ Top,Cars

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Tue 03/03/15 09:49 AM

A few from the jazz world

Pat Metheny
Brian Hughes
Peter White

Govi but his style is a little more flamingo

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Wed 02/25/15 07:31 PM

Sooner or Later


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Mon 02/16/15 08:37 AM

I don't have a problem with deleting it's after matches have been deleted the number saying
they want to match never changes. There is no one in mutual match yet the number keeps
increasing. I'll get an Email notification of MM go to it and no one there, it would be nice if
this could get fixed.

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Sun 02/01/15 07:51 PM

kind of looks like garfield's head on a whale

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Sat 01/31/15 10:49 AM


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Sat 01/17/15 02:24 PM
I am north of the border and political differences aside I come down almost yearly. There are wonderful
places to see,great highways to ride and some the hospitality I have received is beyond what I would
expect. And I'm not talking just about people in the service industry but people I talk to on the street.
I love the little towns, everyone is friendly and a guy can get a great breakfast. In fact I'm coming down
for a lengthly ride this summer. I know the general attitude that americans are perceived by but that is
not what I find.

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Wed 01/07/15 02:35 PM
even though I have no one in mutual match the number that says I do keeps increasing
and will not go back back down

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Wed 01/07/15 01:58 PM

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

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