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Mon 08/27/12 03:50 PM

I couldn't find love because I am old and unattractive. Sucks but such is life. :banana:

Well this isn't what this Calgary guy thinks

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Mon 08/27/12 03:45 PM

Using Alder to smoke steak that has been marinating in garlic tamara sauce
rice and a veggi to complement

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Sun 07/22/12 03:48 PM

I've been in last place so long...... I think I'm first

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Sun 07/22/12 03:37 PM

It's always in the last place you look

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Fri 07/20/12 02:16 PM

There is no global warming in Canada between the months of Oct -May
The rest of the time maybe a little bit

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Sun 07/01/12 10:50 PM

Hey ESE when do we get to see a picture of your new baby ?

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Sun 07/01/12 09:00 PM

I watched it once and I would say it's fake, especially with it being on youtube

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Sun 07/01/12 01:03 PM

OK AND GOOD DAY EH ! drinker

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Sat 06/30/12 06:16 PM

Chewing gum with an open mouth

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Tue 06/26/12 06:34 PM

I have been haunted by dust bunnies under my bed, they are such good spirits, they like to party at night, when I sleep, however, they sleep during the day, I look under my bed during the day and the only time they stir is if I blow on them.laugh

There is a real easy way to get of them... No spells needed

Cut the legs off the bed

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Sun 06/24/12 05:16 PM

Hi, Welcome to Mingle. I have not seen you in that many forums so you might want to keep at it. Doesn't have to be an essay but the more you post the more responses.

Think your lead shot is killing you. You are going to be invisible if you hide behind shades and can't even bother to turn around to get your picture taken. Belive me your armpit is not your best feature and this is your first impression no matter how nice a guy you turn out to be.

I read your profile and there is not a lot to respond to there. Tweek the structure and give it more details for the best possible impression. And add more photo's if you want most people to think it is a "lifted" picture and you are a scammer. Sorry it is common newbie mistakes. Good Luck.

I guess luck for me I didn't do that

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Sun 06/24/12 05:10 PM

Indubitably it's a nice word like... salsa

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Sun 06/24/12 03:46 PM

Somebody crank the tunes, I'll bring the dorito's

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Sun 06/24/12 03:40 PM

Hi to the people of Alberta........ OHHH sorry wrong door

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Tue 06/19/12 03:08 PM

I don't care about tan lines, just having some to hold would be nice

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Mon 06/18/12 03:56 PM

First concert was Queen mid 70's , tickets were 12 bucks back then

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Mon 06/18/12 03:20 PM

Rice is great when you are hungry and want 2thousand of something

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Mon 06/18/12 03:07 PM

Lust at first sight, sure. Love at first sight, no.


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Mon 06/18/12 02:59 PM

You're not alone......
They don't even get a conversation with me, half my age on the other side of the world
and you can tell that they haven't even read your profile , do I look desperate ?
Delete is one of my favorite keys

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Mon 06/18/12 11:56 AM

Hey ESE ... A buddy at work has gotten back into riding after decades of being away from it.
He got himself a Nomad 1500 and is just loving it. Has hard bags so you have some place
to put things, low seat height . Have you considered that style

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