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Sat 01/03/15 12:02 PM

I wonder what happens the second time you get scared half to death

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Tue 12/30/14 02:18 PM

So jibber jabber about jibber jabber

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Fri 12/26/14 01:29 PM

Every time I have ridden away from the dealer with that brand new bike I just bought

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Tue 12/16/14 07:40 AM

To everything in life there is a cost......

The question one needs to ask.....

What are you willing to pay

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Wed 12/03/14 07:44 PM

A pair of normal what?

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Sun 11/16/14 01:40 PM

Disrespect will eject from friendship

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Sat 11/08/14 09:34 PM

Best T-shirt I ever had
Top left corner in small letters: Wisdom of Solomon (ski bindings)
Main shirt.... Thou Shalt not release prematurely

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Fri 11/07/14 08:58 PM

I bought this second hand little light that works with tea lights but I use the battery ones ... i put them in a little while back tried the lights they worked ok have not used since ... then one time i woke to find the tea light on well i could have sworn i turned off but just thought ok maybe not all the way... and thats why ... well same light happened again last nite I woke to find it on again this morn ... now to get to this light u have to lift the lantern part to turn on or off the small candles ... now I got it more for decoration ... so that light again that turned on was weird becouse after the first time i made sure i turned it all the way off not to run the battery down ... so i am stumped and do not understand why it is going on now when it just wants to ... I call this really strange ...

Here's a thought... take the battery out

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Sun 10/19/14 07:18 PM
of course it was spelling names you knew......
because you were moving it
the planchette is moved due to the ideomotor response
done unconsciously not by some cosmic force
that is why it could be so convincing to some

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Thu 09/18/14 12:15 AM

I always find it a little amusing that these types of videos are only 15seconds long
never really very clear, but yet we are suppose to determine it's real

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Mon 08/25/14 11:01 PM

Vangelis -Intergalactic radio

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Sun 08/03/14 08:12 PM
Edited by whatssuup on Sun 08/03/14 08:13 PM

Once I got divorced.... the voices in my head went away

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Tue 07/22/14 08:22 PM

Alvin Lee - Bluest blues

Such powerful guitar work

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Wed 04/23/14 08:01 PM

In my travels over the years I have met soooo many wonderful and genuine people
I have had people offer me a spot at their camp site if I couldn't find anything
I have had people tell me that I will be eating with them for supper just bring an appetite
Before I can even get the tent out.... Here dude have a beer we're over there come over later
Then there is always the elderly gent who use to have a bike in the war and the stories start to flow
Last year I stopped in Ironwood, Wisconsin and met a gentle man at 72 yrs old taking his new bike
for a ride by himself, we stayed at the same motel and shared conversation over breakfast.
I just don't believe I would have met these people if I was traveling in a car.

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Tue 04/22/14 06:22 PM

I had a bike license before I had a car license , guess thats why I never had a midlife crisis.....
Two wheel therapy.
As a teenager I started out on dirt bikes and now my passion is touring
GL1800 is my preference for long haul, last year I did 4277mi in 2 weeks
There is nothing better than putting the feet on the highway pegs and exploring

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Wed 04/09/14 06:00 PM

My favorites are Angels.... I've had mating pairs, watched the F. lay eggs and then the M. would fertilize
I get them when they are about the size of a dime and rise them to the size of your fist.

The plecostomus..... just a neat looking fish,great cleaner, they don't conflict with anyone
and the longest I had one was at least 10 yrs

The clown loach.... the only fish that I have seen that will lay on it's side when at rest, if you ever
have a problem with snails don't use chemicals just get a clown, the down side to that is you can
never have crustaceans with a loach around

Then just to put more life in the tank I will use Danio's , barbs ,tetras, mollies and platy's are
always great for color.

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Mon 04/07/14 07:29 PM

Well being a man of of some age (over 55) and have lived on both sides of the fence.
I have come to realize that both sides come with a price...
everything in life comes with a price, so the real question is what am I willing to pay ?

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Mon 04/07/14 07:12 PM

Personally... the less the better

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Mon 04/07/14 06:50 PM
Edited by whatssuup on Mon 04/07/14 06:53 PM

What do you believe about smudging? Does it really get rid of negative energy?

Why don't you try the ouija board, it would probably work just as well as burning some vegetation

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Tue 03/25/14 02:53 PM

Alberta which is known for it's beef ....
And Calgary which has a very unique location
We are nestled up beside the foothills next to the rockies
so within minutes to the west you are in mountain terrain
and equally to the east you are in the prairies
Calgary is also world re known for the stampede which is
basically a 10 day party with rodeo events & carnival stuff

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