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Mon 09/01/14 09:25 AM
That was my though no way would I return my child to that school.This angers me so much that it's just being swept under the rug, those injuries could have killed her.

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Mon 09/01/14 09:12 AM
I saw that on Facebook yesterday , broke my hear.I hope something will be done, someone needs to answer for that.

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Tue 08/26/14 09:26 PM
Ill answer your question bluntly, they wont do a damn thing .why? Because there all a bunch of chicken ***** that kiss black ***, white people have been brainwashed to shut up freedom of speech dont apply to you if your white.

Dont believe me just watch this comment disappear.

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Wed 07/30/14 01:02 PM
Well I know I'll get a lot of dislikes for this, but ide rather not have sex its not that great, and semen groses me out big time.

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Tue 07/22/14 10:31 PM
Depeche Mode.....I promise you

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Tue 07/22/14 09:39 PM
Just stay friends, thats why they call it friends.

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Tue 07/22/14 09:34 PM
Maybe sometimes curiosity takes over, you've established a friendship your close and want to explore more.

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Tue 07/22/14 09:22 PM

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Tue 07/22/14 09:15 PM
No a boy can't make love to an older woman, it takes a man for that.

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Tue 07/22/14 08:54 PM

Hello, how are you? Nice profile, was wondering if you'd like to have a chat with me? Without Skype/Google+ please don't bother replying alright, need to see who am chatting with and I'm sure likewise her.

Are you for post the same thing in all your threds , even sent that same thing to my inbox.

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Tue 07/22/14 07:54 PM
Welcom to mingle , pic a topic join in the forums .

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Tue 07/22/14 07:49 PM
Excuse me please

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Tue 07/22/14 07:42 PM
Tony braxton...I hate love

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Tue 07/22/14 07:17 PM
A roast beef sandwich on a Kaiser roll , and a side of pickled artichokes.

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Tue 07/22/14 07:09 PM
Lol silly..I do like trains , ive been to the train museum in Omaha NE, it was fun I really like the big boy , sat in the conductor chair , it was below freezing weather that day but great fun.

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Tue 07/22/14 07:04 PM
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As long as your paying child support, a judge will give you part custody.Go to the court house they will tell you what you need to do.

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Mon 07/21/14 08:16 PM
I would love to be able to sing .imaginary talent would be to fly.

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Mon 07/21/14 06:54 PM

I know what you mean. You have to be careful what you say to Americans.

He just has a different humor than the rest of us, it takes time to see that. .hes not the womanizers he pretends to be.

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Mon 07/21/14 06:41 PM

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Mon 07/21/14 05:27 PM
Who let the redneck outlaugh

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