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Topic: How Do You feel right now? - part 21
Dramatic Muffin's photo
Sun 05/08/22 06:10 AM

I’m feeling sad and worried , our cat has been missing since Sunday evening , he is a house cat and got out and so not used to being outside . We thought he might have found a new hiding place here inside , but he’s not here and someone apparently seen him Monday morning outside . I’m worried about him being out there , if he’s injured , being alone , hungry , scared of his surroundings and that . He is also a target for being stolen due to the breed he us which is also another worrying factor .
Me and my partner have put some posters up and spoken to people , I’m just hoping so much he will be back home soon

Oh no, Moomin! I’m so sorry. Any sign of him?

OT: Happy. One of my daughters came to visit a couple weeks ago and now another of my daughters is coming to visit on May 19th. :heartpulse:

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Sun 05/08/22 09:17 AM
Blessed! It was great to have my daughter over for Mother's Day and the huge pot with mixed summer plants wasn't for my birthday but for today!! :smile: smooched

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Mon 05/09/22 08:31 AM
Tired but happy! Done a lot today, dumped a car full of old clothes and empty boxes, my new dark red coffee machine arrived and is great, did some work on my mini-stream in the garden.
Tomorrow my new mattress arrives then there's my daughter's birthday and mine the next day, mum coming over for that...
Busy week!!

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Mon 05/09/22 09:27 AM
Amused. Feral kittens have been playing with the shadow of my hand.

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Mon 05/09/22 12:25 PM
Feeling in a funk today for no particular reason. Just one of those days i guess...

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Mon 05/09/22 01:58 PM
Edited by SparklingCrystal 💖💎 on Mon 05/09/22 02:00 PM
Nervous about tomorrow morning when they come to deliver my new mattress. The old one has to be wrapped in plastic which I was given by the shop, but I cannot do that myself.
So I will have to ask the deliverers and keep my fingers crossed they'll do it for me. Nervous they'll be difficult and not deliver if I don't do it myself :/
Also nervous as I have to get up a bit earlier because of it, remove both duvets, bedlinen etc, all before brekkie...

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Mon 05/09/22 05:22 PM

I'm so sorry to hear this, hopefully you'll find him soon.
My sisters cat was gone for almost a week. They looked everywhere. Then one day in the yard they heard a faint meow. He had a tire fall on him & trapped in a neighbors yard.

Maybe you already did this, but please look in odd places near by and listen.

@stormi, I hope you get well soon!

Sending you both good vibes❤

Yes we looked in all places inside and looked all outside . The guy who said he saw him last Monday turns out we really don’t think it was him he actually saw . He’s still not home . We will keep waiting and searching for him .

@Bonnie he’s been gone just over a week now , we spotted him last night not to far from here but he’s still abit of a nervous cat at the moment ( we regimes him and he was starting to settle in so much but at times a bit jumpy ) we called him when we saw him but he’s Di fast and just Keot running off , we just couldn’t catch him . Good to see him though cus at least we know he wasn’t dead or had been stolen . We went out to save spot tonight but no sign of him .

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Tue 05/10/22 02:18 AM
YESSS! My new mattress is in that house!
They were indeed a bit difficult about taking the old one down as it should've been downstairs already. Right. As if I can do that :/
But... they did it after all!! Phew!
They broke two of my thimble herbs on the way out with the old mattress, and must be honest, I'm not happy about that.
Anywho, I can sleep on a new mattress tonight!! :smile:

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Tue 05/10/22 04:11 AM
A little rough around the edges. Taking it easy today.

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Tue 05/10/22 06:05 AM
Not quite sure to be honest. Happy my mattress arrived and they helped with the old one, although reluctantly. Narked they broke a couple of plants in my front yard.
Happy my cleaning lady is here so she can make my bed, narked that she's taking forever to do that.
Happy I got getting a new toothbrush fixed, narked that it took me 2 hours to get that sorted.

So going back and forth between happy & narked, hahahaha.

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Tue 05/10/22 08:26 AM
Thought it might be a fluke...
But, I'm actually feeling groovy again.

Poetrywriter's photo
Tue 05/10/22 09:21 AM
I feel like a good game of naked twister. Kit where are you?

🍫 KitKat 🍫's photo
Tue 05/10/22 09:22 AM
bigsmile herebigsmile

Poetrywriter's photo
Tue 05/10/22 09:24 AM

bigsmile herebigsmile

Ok, I will go first......spin spin spin....Sorry, that wasn't the spinner? Opps!

🍫 KitKat 🍫's photo
Tue 05/10/22 09:33 AM
laugh a triplelove nice

Slim gym 's photo
Tue 05/10/22 09:37 AM

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Wed 05/11/22 09:50 AM
Good! Managed to find something good for my daughter's birthday tomorrow, apart from the patio pot with mixed flowering summer plants. Something small, but really nice :)
Bought her a b-day card on the way back, mailed it right away.
Put my new pond plants in the li'l pond, cooking while on the phone with my daughter. I'm her private medical assistant, she phones me whenever something is wrong about what to do, hihi.

Anywho, a good day!

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Fri 05/13/22 08:55 AM
We have to work tomorrow, even though it's a Saturday. It counts as a regular school day. Schools here were closed for a full week during the riots in January, so now we have to do make-up days, including a few Saturday school days. I'm feeling a little bitter, not gonna lie. smile2

Devo1974's photo
Fri 05/13/22 09:54 AM
Feeling excited, going to the Van Gogh exhibit and following that up by eating the best ribs on the planet at the Rendezvous. Can't wait!

no photo
Fri 05/13/22 10:06 AM
Now I am feeling like I want some Pappy's

See your Rendezvous and raise you Pappy's

Does the Rendezvous sell out every day, cause Pappy's does.

They got ranking and street creds.

As an aside if I was gonna open a BBQ
I would name it Adam's Sin

Enjoy your Van Gogh excursion and happy Friday 13th

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