Mingle2 - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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How do I become another member's friend?
In order to become another member's friend, you must send him/her a friend request. In order to do this, go into the person's profile and click the Add as friend button. After you do this, the decision is up to the other member.

Where do I go to accept a friend request?
To see your friend requests from other members, click the My Account tab and then the Invites link just to the right of where your main photo is or would be. If you do not have any friend requests at that time, by the way, you will not see an Invites link.

Then, click the appropriate link - either Accept or Decline - to make your decision on the member's invitation.

How can I post a testimonial to another's profile?
To start, you must be on the person's friends list and that person must have testimonials showing in his/her profile. If these conditions are met, click the Add Testimonial button near the bottom of the member's profile. You will then be prompted to type in your testimonial on the subsequent page. Be sure to click the Submit button, after you are done typing.

How does another member add a testimonial to my profile?
First off, you must have testimonials showing in your profile. Testimonials can be enabled or disabled on the edit profile page (click the My Account tab, then the Profile link, followed by the Edit My Profile button). On the bottom right of this page, under "Other Settings" you can can choose to show or hide testimonials:

Next, the person in question must already be on your friend list. Finally, the member has to post a testimonial to your profile.