Mingle2 - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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How do I find potential matches?
To find your latest candidates, just click the Search tab near the top of the page. At that point, you will be shown a list of all the members of our site who match your current search preferences. You can narrow down the search results by changing your search preferences. See the next FAQ for information on how to do this.
How do I narrow my searches to find people within my area that match my specific requirements?
To narrow your search results, click the Search tab, edit the preferences in the 'Search Singles' box near the top of the page, and click the Search button off to the right.
What is the meaning of "Last seen…" in a profile?
When you view another member's profile, you might see something like "Last seen within the last day" where "Online now!" would normally be. This indicates the last time that the person was logged into the account.
*note: Keep in mind that profiles which do not display either this information or "Online now!" may be in stealth mode.
Why am I not getting any search results after I click on the Search tab?
Your search preferences may be too selective for your area. So that your searches result in more potential matches, try changing your search preferences. You might increase the distance in your searches, for example, and then click the Search button off to the right.
*note: Alternatively, you may want to make sure that your Age preferences under the Search tab are correct.
Why can't I find my profile in the Mingle2 search?
We have designed our search so that a Mingle2 member does not see one's own profile when searching.