Mingle2 - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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Just what is Mutual Match?
Mutual Match is a simple and fun way to bring together Mingle2 members that are interested in one another. Here's how it works:

1. If you have not already, upload a photo to your account (you will not be allowed to use Mutual Match if you don't). Next, click the My Account tab and then the Your Mutual Matches link just to the right of where your main photo is.

2. Click the Find New Matches Now button. We'll show you profiles of members who match your search preferences, one at a time.

3. Peruse each member's profile as much (or as little) as you'd like. Then, click the Yes, No, or Maybe button where asked whether you're interested in him or her.

4. If you select "Yes" or "Maybe", we'll blindly show that person your profile the next time he or she looks for new matches through Mutual Match.

5. If the member also expresses interest in you, you have a Mutual Match! We will email both parties alerting you about your new match, and you will see a notification next to the Your Mutual Matches link on your home page.

6. At this point, you will be able to contact your new Mutual Match knowing that you're both interested in one another. With Mutual Match, you can review profiles quickly and easily, and only send messages to people you have a mutual connection with. How simple is that?
What happens when I select "Yes" or "Maybe" to a profile on Mutual Match? Will that member know that I've shown interest?
If you choose "Yes" or "Maybe" to a profile, we'll secretly show that person your profile the next time through Mutual Match. The member will not know that you're interested, unless he or she chooses "Yes" or "Maybe" to you, too. Your profile will be blended in with other random profiles that match the person's search criteria, and no indication will be given as to which is which.
What happens when I select "No" for a member on Mutual Match? Will that person find out I am not interested in him or her?
No. The person in question will not find out that you choose "No" for him or her.
I chose "No" for a member in Mutual Match. Can I undo this and select "Yes" or "Maybe"?
If you regret saying "No" to another member, you can click the 'Match with Him' or 'Match with Her' button near the bottom of the person's profile. By doing this, you will put yourself back in that member's Mutual Match candidate pool.

Does my premium account come with any Mutual Match advantages?
Yes. Any member with MinglePlus will know what other members clicked "Yes" or "Maybe" for him or her. To see this, click the My Account tab and then the Your Mutual Matches link just to the right of where your main photo is. On the next page, click the Who clicked YES on you? link.