Mingle2 - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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How do I send a message to another member using Mingle2 Mail?
Simply go into the person's profile and click the Email Him or Email Her button. Compose your message in the two text boxes pointed out below and, finally, click the Send Message button.
How do I send an instant message to another person?
For starters, go into the person's profile. If the member has the instant messenger enabled, is online, and is not in stealth mode, you will see a button labeled Instant Message near the middle of the profile. Click this button in order to open a chat session. Finally, type your message and send it. If the person accepts, you will be chatting.

*note: If your IM is not working properly, make sure you have the latest version of Flash on your computer. Also, phones may not be compatible with the Mingle2 IM program.
How can I tell which members are currently online?
The easiest way to see other online people is to go to the Search tab. From there, click the Who's Online link to see hundreds of online Mingle2 users. In addition, any other search you conduct will show which members are online. If a user is online, you'll see an 'ONLINE NOW' image just to the right of his or her user name.
I sent a member an instant message but he or she never replied. Why is that?
There are a number of reasons why the person may not have replied to your instant message. The user may no longer be at his or her computer, and thus unable to respond. Or, the member may not have time to talk and, therefore, refused your request. In either case, you might want to try again at another timeā€¦or find another member to chat with.
How do I accept an instant messenger invitation?
If another member sends you an invitation, you will see a box come down from the top of the Mingle2 page. In that box, you can choose whether to accept or decline the offer to chat.
*note: If your IM is not working properly, make sure you have the latest version of Flash on your computer. Also, phones may not be compatible with the Mingle2 IM program.
How do I make sure that my instant messenger is turned on?
Click the My Account tab and then the Settings link near the top of the page. If you see a Turn Off Instant Messaging link, then you already have the instant messenger enabled. If you see a Turn On Instant Messaging link, you will want to click that link.
What is a nudge?
Nudges are a quick and easy way to get someone's attention, flirt, or just say "hello" without having to compose a full message.
How do nudges work?
When you view another member's profile on Mingle2, you will see a Nudge Him or Nudge Her button. If you click the button and choose one of the actions from the drop-down menu, that person will receive your nudge. In turn, the member may check out your profile, nudge you back, and/or send you a message.
Where do I check for nudges to my account?
To see who has nudged you, just click on the Nudges link on your My Account page. If you have received a nudge, you will be able to check the profile of the person who sent it, nudge the person back, block the person, or simply remove the nudge.
How do I prevent people who are too far away from contacting me?
This can be done by setting your mail filters. To do this, click the Mail tab, followed by the Filters link. On the next page (shown below), there will be a variety of filter options for you to choose from. Once you have chosen your filters, click the Change Preferences button.
How can I block another member?
You can block another member from contacting you in a number of ways. First, if you have a Mingle2 mail from the person, you will be able to block the person by clicking the Block User link at the bottom of the message:

Next, if you have an open IM window with the member in question, you can block in that window. There will be a button of a circle with a line through it (i.e., the "no" symbol) at the upper right of the IM window which says "block", if you mouse over it.

You can also block a member if he or she has nudged you. To the far right of the nudge, you will find a BLOCK link. Clicking this link will block the member who sent the nudge.

Finally, you can block a member if that person has requested to be your friend. Again, to the far right of the friend request, you will find a Block link.
How do I unblock a member?
To unblock a user, click the Mail tab followed by the Blocked Users link. On the next page, you'll see a list of the members you have blocked, if any. Finally, click the Remove Block link next to the person you would like to unblock. If you need to unblock multiple users at once, there is also a bulk way to do so on the page.
What are mail filters and how do I use them?
Mail filters allow you to limit what types of members can send you any type of message on Mingle2. To set these filters, click the Mail tab followed by the Filters link. After making any adjustment to any the filters on the 'Set mail Filters' page, click the Change Preferences button.
Why are my old emails disappearing?
Because of data storage considerations, we only keep any mail in the system for 30 days. At that point, the message is purged. If you would like to keep such emails for posterity, be sure to save them on your end, in some way.
Why did I encounter an email limit?
We had to place a limit on first-contact emails because of spammers. Basically, this cuts down the number of first-contact emails that one can send within a two-to-three-day period (we can't divulge anymore information about this limit). However, a member affected by this limit will still be able to send an unlimited number of emails to those with whom he or she has already had some back-and-forth. It should be noted that MinglePlus members are exempt.
Why am I not getting offsite notification emails from Mingle2?
Our emails might be getting directed to the spam/bulk folder of your email account. So, be sure to check that folder for Mingle2 emails. To help further, below are the relevant screenshots of Yahoo! mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL.