Mingle2 - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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What is MinglePlus and why do I want to upgrade to it?
In simplest terms, MinglePlus is our premium version. Here is a list of the advantages that MinglePlus comes with: Premium member 4
How do I become a MinglePlus member?
After logging into the account, simply click the UPGRADE button near the top of any page. On the subsequent page, you will be able to choose your method of payment.
Alternatively, you may click the My Account tab, followed by the Settings link, and then the Premium Membership Status link. Finally, click the Purchase Premium Membership link and select a payment method.
Can I cancel MinglePlus at any time?
Yes. You may cancel your premium membership at any time, for any reason.
How do I cancel MinglePlus?
To cancel, click the My Account tab, followed by the Settings link, and then the Premium Membership Status link. From there, click the cancel your premium membership link and finally confirm the cancellation.

*note: If you used PayPal to upgrade, then you will have to finish the cancellation by logging into your PayPay account. Here is what the cancellation screen will look like, in such cases, so be sure to click the Unsubscribe button and finish the process:
Next, you may be prompted to log into your PayPal account. Once you are in your PayPal account, the final step in the cancelation is to click the Cancel Subscription button shown below.
Will my premium subscription automatically renew?
Yes, your MinglePlus subscription will automatically renew when the package is set to expire.
If I cancel my premium membership, will I be charged again?
No. If you cancel your premium membership, all automatic payments scheduled in the future will be canceled. Please be sure you wish to cancel before doing so, because cancelation is effective immediately and non-refundable.
If I cancel before the end of my MinglePlus subscription, will I be refunded for the remaining time?
No, you will not be eligible for a prorated refund.
Are subscription fees refundable?
It's best to consider a MinglePlus purchase final, as we rarely issue refunds. If you feel that you have a special circumstance and would like to request a review for refund, please contact us via mail: Attn: Billing/Refund NextC LLC 291 Geary Street Suite 405 San Francisco, CA 94102 USA
Once I cancel my premium membership, will I still keep my premium advantages?
Once you cancel your premium membership, it will be effective immediately and you will loose the premium advantages. Please do not cancel until you are sure that you are ready for your premium advantages to end.