4 Tips to Catch a Boyfriend

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We’ve all gone on dates for a night of fun before. They’re light on the getting to know you and heavy on almost everything else. But if you’re looking for a relationship, you’ve got to play the game a little differently. You need to keep him interested past the third date.

Relationship experts recommend these tips to catch a boyfriend.

Show interest in his favorite hobbies.

    Whether that’s watching football, or going on a run through the park, you’re going to have more excuses to spend time together if it doesn’t always have to be a romantic evening. Let him see your fun side. Show him you’re supportive. Men who are looking for long-term relationships want someone who respects them and makes them feel good about their talents and abilities.

Play hard to get sometimes

    Wait awhile to text him back. Don’t take every call. Show him that you have a life outside of him, and he’ll want to get closer. Act desperate and lonely, and you can kiss him goodbye. Go out to dinner with your other friends sometimes, even if it’s on a night he’d like to see you. Thinking of canceling a workout for your man? Think again. Meet him later or the next day. If you’re available all the time, you’re going to fall into the convenience category, and that’s not where the flames of love and passion burn bright. If you want to ignite someone’s desire to win you over and pursue you, then you have to give him space every once in a while. Let him miss you every once in a while. And if your man is longing for you, that’s a good sign that love might be around the corner.

Keep a few secrets.

    Love and mystery are often intertwined. Women often have the urge to over-share at the beginning of relationships. Men sometimes have this too. You need to walk the line carefully between letting him get to know you and telling him everything you’ve ever done or said. Talk about work and what you like to do in your free time, but don’t give out personal info too quickly. TMI is a turn-off, especially for men.

Go easy on the physical

    Some relationship experts recommend that you shouldn’t sleep together for the first month. If you stay out of bed at first, you’ll be more likely to form a lasting relationship. Jump in too quick, and it’s much more likely to become a one-night stand. If you’re looking for a relationship, stalling a bit (with plenty of flirting) can be effective in lighting his fire. Not sure you can manage it? Stay in situations where you can resist.

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