8 Things A Man Will Do If He Is Interested In You

Let’s be honest – we have all been there. Being unsure about how a potential partner feels about you is a feeling all women share. You may have just started your teen years, trying to understand the mysteries of romantic love for the first time. Or, you might be a 70-year-old stepping into the world of online dating upon your granddaughter’s recommendation. But whatever the case, this is a situation we have all faced. It’s just difficult to tell if a guy is simply being nice, or if he is romantically interested in you!

And so, we women go around trying to pick up on the subtle hints our love interest drops us. We over-analyze every little thing they do, attempting to solve the puzzle without being too obvious about it. Love is a confusing and complex maze, and we are only trying to find the way that leads to his heart. But before that, we need to be absolutely certain that he wants the same thing as us!

Is the man of your dreams giving you mixed signals about his intentions? That’s gotta be frustrating! But lucky for you, we are here to help you solve all the problems! If your male love interest is doing the following 8 things, it is almost guaranteed that he has got some feelings for you! So grab yourself a glass of wine, sit down, and get ready to find out if your relationship is about to set sail *wink wink*

The man will do things for you because he is interested in you

1. He Never Gets Tired Of Talking To You

When you are on a dating site and have started chatting with a hottie, things mainly tend to go two ways. Either the conversation dies down after a few ‘hi’s and ‘hello’s, or it never seems to end. Even to phrases that can’t really be responded to, some guys will be sure to reply with a smiling emoji.

If this is what the guy you are talking to is doing, girl, he wants to be your boo! And you can be even more certain if you met through an online dating site!

When a guy wants to prolong an online conversation, it is a clear sign that he enjoys your company. Even when that company is virtual! He is just so into you that he would rather reply to your ‘okay’s and ‘hmm’s than play Fortnite. What more of an assurance could you want?!

2. He Wants To Solve All Your Problems

A man who is visibly disturbed by the things that bother you is definitely a man who cares about you. If your online dating cutie wants to know all your problems – and goes out of his way trying to solve them – then you already know he feels things for you on a different level.

3. He Pays Attention To The Little Details

Does your man remember that you like to have your Doritos with peanut butter? If so, then he is definitely a keeper.

Someone who is interested in you will never be distracted when you talk. Even when the subject is as dry as the Sahara desert. As a result, he will not only hear all the little details, but also remember them for later.

4. You Keep Bumping Into Each Other Unexpectedly

So, you told the guy on the dating site that you like to do yoga. And now suddenly, you find him in the sports aisle at Target. Is that supposed to mean something?

It might be! If the guy you like is trying to show up at places you are likely to visit, he may like you back big time! A guy will constantly attempt to put himself in your presence if he wants to take things further with you!

5. He Wants You To Meet His Loved Ones

Taking your flirtationship from the online dating site to the physical world is a big step for any couple! When a man wants to know you even more, he might ask you to meet his loved ones. If a guy suggests that you hang out with his friends or family, chances are that he is trying to show you off.

6. He Is Finding Excuses To Touch You

So, now your relationship has finally transitioned from a dating site to the physical world. If the guy is really interested, he will try to make the most of the opportunities where he gets to see you in real life.

And no, we don’t mean any funny business. Any innocent brushing against your shoulder or a playful nudge, while you are talking, may mean that he is into you.

7. He Has Started To Do The Things That You Do

Have you noticed that your online dating cutie has started to use the same phrases that you do? Or maybe he has started to spell words a certain way, inspired by you? If this is true, this is a clear sign that he enjoys your time together.

When humans like someone, they unintentionally start to mirror their behavior. Take it as a compliment and as a sign that he wants something bigger than this!

8. He Loves To Talk About His Future – And Yours!

Last but definitely not least, a guy will love to tell you all he has planned for himself in the future if he likes you. They intentionally do this to let you know what they want from life.

This way, a guy can tell you that they are not any sore losers who have no idea how they will be living their life down the road. It is an excuse to let you know about their preparedness about what’s to come.

What’s more, they will want to know all about your future plans too! This way, they can know if you want the same things as they do. This will help them plan and propose a future that has both of you in it!

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