Both physical and psychological support is necessary: Parents’ Dating Tips

Why is physical and psychological support necessary? Nowadays, there are many families of different sizes and shapes in the world. Having 2 parents and at least 2 children in a family are no longer considered a typical family. Studies say that the percent of single parents in Asia is about 3%. The figure is awful in the countries of Europe. In the countries of OECD, every 7.5 out of 100 families are made up of single parents. So, you are not the only person who is raising your child alone.

physical and psychological support is necessary for single parents

The real scenario of a single parent

Being a single parent can be challenging. A single parent, without a wife or husband or partner, has almost twice as many caregivers and adult responsibilities. Many times it’s assumed one of the hardest jobs in the world. Along with doing family, professional, and social work, a single parent has to raise a child without a loving partner. Regular care-giving and adult duties can lead to some issues. Of these, the drop in income, living a come to terms of life, less leisure time, and changing living place is usual. A strain of single parenting affects negative effects on energy, confidence, and happiness. Your body and mind require the support to get rid of it.

Significance of physical support

Most of the time physical support refers to physical or sexual intimacy with the opposite or same-sex. Physical or sexual intimacy motivates people to build a sexual bond. In order to perform or satisfy mating, physical fitness is more important than having emotional feelings. Anyone could have sex if capable enough physically or financially. Real physical intimacy requires trust, vow, and respect for one another. Besides, physical support also means helping one another in family, social, and official work. A depth trusts between two-person makes a path to have physical support.

What happens when you don’t have physical support?

There is always a lack of loving helping hand in a single-parent family. Single parents in a family have a lot of work to do. These include cooking, washing, and paying bills, and taking care of the child. This huge amount of work pressure has a harmful effect on the body. Research has shown that single parents’ illness rates are higher than those of married or paired parents. In addition, another statistic shows that bone damage disease is more common in a single parent. Thus, physical support is a prior condition for a quality of life for every age person.

Significance of psychological support

Psychological support refers to a situation when a person is in pain for another. Further, giving a helping hand, or standing beside him/her in any condition. This support impacts your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions because it operates mental health. This means that this support influences our feelings,

thoughts, and behaviors. Also, it affects our decision-making process, caring for stress, and how we relate to others in our lives. Since emotional support can manage mental health entirely. In order to get this support, one needs to feel safe, to trust each other completely. In addition, the person should reveal their weakness and their needs to each other. When they convince one another fully, the door to ideal psychological support is opened forever.

What happens when you don’t have psychological support?

There is a lack of emotional support in single-parent life. Single parents seem to experience increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, they face more socio-economic difficulties and lack of social support as compared to married or paired families. Further, the absence of an additional primary caregiver in the household may lead to feelings of low self-esteem and isolation. In addition to the above, single parenting may be associated with several mental health problems for children. For instance, anxiety dumps and personify disorders, in some cases it can lead to school dropout and poor health. Therefore, good self well-being needs emotional support. Moreover, it promotes the general and academic well-being of children.

Benefits of being in a relationship

The best way to get ideal and strong physical and psychological support is to make a bond of love. Being in a healthy and supportive bonding and physical and emotional support is interrelated. Relationship opens the door to receiving physical and emotional support. These supports have intense effects on the body and mental well-being of a person

Keeps you from being unhappy

Love or relationship has a positive effect on the “Oxytocin” level, which plays a role in bonding and comfort. As a result, you love to stay around your partner and loving person around makes you happy.

Helps to reduce stress

The hormone “Cortisol” is responsible for showing stress. The University of Chicago has suggested that this hormone level is lower in married or couple person. Thus, a committed bond or marriage reduces stress.

Assists to feel less pain

It has been revealed that the dopamine system can create its own form of natural pain killers. As dopamine and love are related to each other, love decreases the severity of pain. This is why in almost every movie; injured actors see pictures of their loved ones at the last moment of their lives.

Faster healing

Oxytocin” and lower stress have a positive effect on the healing process. Therefore, a person who’s in healthy and caring relations is healed quickly.

The ultimate goal

Creating a bond with someone depends on many things e.g. feeling, passion, trust, openness, and intimation, and so on. Among them, allocating proper and quality time for the specific one is special. However, many single parents have very little time to spend on their own. In this case, the online dating platform is the best solution for single parents who wish to get back to paired life. Don’t waste your time surfing fake websites because there are many free dating sites. The best dating apps will help you to get your perfect one. So what you are waiting for!!

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