Dating in 2021: New Trends, Tips & Tricks

If you’re looking for love in 2021, you’re definitely not the only one. 2020 was a rough year for the world and everyone in it. With the threat of a deadly pandemic looming around every corner, dating wasn’t atop anyone’s list of priorities.

However, as we enter 2021, the prolonged solitude of lockdowns and confinements is starting to get to many of us. There’s no guarantee that things will change any time soon, either. That’s why it’s smart to start looking out for 2021 dating trends, tips, and tricks.

The world of dating is constantly changing and evolving. Every year, new codes and rituals develop, and old ones are phased out and forgotten. Keeping up with the times requires the latest information. Read on to find out everything that’s hip and happening in dating in 2021.

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The world of dating is constantly changing and evolving. (Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels)

New Trends in Dating for 2021

The following new dating trends are expected to be all the rage in 2021. Read through the list carefully so you’ll know what to expect from the dating market beforehand.


One of the most talked-about trends this year is expected to be “hardballing” (as in, “playing hardball”). This means, in short, going all-in on your prospective relationships: looking for something serious from the start and wanting to avoid games in favor of true companionship.

With lockdowns keeping many of us all by ourselves, “hardballers” know what they want. And they’re not afraid to ask for it, straight up. No ghosting or leaving breadcrumbs with this bunch—it’s all cards on the table and emotional vulnerability.

New Dawn Daters

“New dawn” daters are those who haven’t seen the “sun” (of being single) in a long time. Trapped in the long night of a flawed relationship, these daters ended their previous liaisons recently, propitiated by pandemic lockdown stress.

These daters often face a cultural shock when jumping back into single life. Many are completely new to online dating apps and practices. They’re rather old-school but open-minded. If you date a “new dawner”, be ready to be both a lover and a teacher.


Many folks started 2020 going on a couple of dates, maybe meeting someone special, only for a lockdown to separate them. For weeks (or months) at a time. Many nascent relationships were simply unable to survive this. The lack of sexual intimacy was particularly tough for many.

In 2021, dating will likely adapt to the situation in different ways. One trend that’s already making the rounds is speed-rooming. More couples will impulsively decide to room together, to prevent having to spend any future lockdowns or confinements by themselves.


Astrolove is a new name for a very old thing: finding love through the zodiac. In the turbulence of the pandemic, many have sought peace upon spirituality. The horoscope and zodiac signs are thousands of years old, and many people believe they hold transcendent wisdom.

Astrolovers take things to the next level, though. Expect to see many mentions of sun, moon, and rising signs in dating profiles through 2021. It adds a layer of compatibility that astrologers believe improves their chances of finding the right match. It’s also a great way to break the ice!

Slow Dating

Slow-dating is as intuitive as it sounds: it means taking things slow. Hook-up culture may be dominant in much of the world, but slow daters still believe in getting to know each other. You can call them old-fashioned, but you’d be a bit off the mark.

Slow daters aren’t necessarily old-fashioned. They simply require creating a real connection before they move on to bigger and better things. Lockdowns have allowed many people to think about things well before jumping into relationships. And that is certainly a wonderful thing.


“Locdating” is a portmanteau formed by “location” and “dating.” As the name might suggest, it’s a trend that describes those who prefer to date locally. Dating someone you don’t need to take two trains and a bus to see has always been a plus. COVID highlighted the perks, though.

With many cities putting significant restrictions on travel, dating anyone more than a couple of miles away is harder than ever. Adding salt to the wound, some localities have even banned travel between districts. As a consequence, dating in 2021 will likely favor “locdating”.

Dating 2021: Tips & Tricks

If the many lockdowns and quarantines in 2020 cramped your dating style, you’re not alone. It was a tough year for all forms of socialization, but romance was especially hard-hit.

However, heading into 2021, there are a couple of tips and tricks that you should keep in mind. Deploy these strategies to keep your dating life in 2021 from withering on the vine.

Couple Streaming Dates

With social distancing and lockdowns getting in the way of “traditional” Netflix-and-chill dating, many people are a little lost. Fortunately, many major streaming services are rolling out features for hosting watch parties, where multiple users stream shows in tandem.

It’s not exactly an evening at the movies with pop corn and hot dogs, but at least it’s safe. Binging the hottest new TV show as a couple is a great way to bond when you’re confined and apart. It’s the closest thing to getting to chill together, and risk-free (except for bad shows).

Hi-Tech Sex

Technology has also come to the rescue amidst the changing world panorama. Apps designed specifically in the context of remote love-making will be at the forefront in 2021. Using a variety of creative and ingenious devices and apps, these systems are starting to become mainstream.

Feeling the intimacy of a sexual encounter at a distance would be revolutionary, though perhaps a bit odd. With COVID-19 keeping couples distant and even quarantined apart, you should keep an open mind about this.

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