Dating Tips for Muslim Millennials Looking for Love

Navigating the dating landscape for Muslim millennials is like trying to survive a minefield! More and more Muslim millennials are trying their hand at online dating. From trying to find the best dating site or trying to choose between free dating sites or paid ones, it can be confusing and anxiety-inducing. Let us give you some tips for making the process a little easier.

Woman in Hijab using a Laptop for online dating

More and more Muslim millennials are trying their hand at online dating

Try Dating Sites, Dating Apps

If you wish to find the love of your life and wish to keep it Halal. There are always free dating sites that can be tried. Many apps exist out there which offer a halal experience for modern Muslim Millennials looking for love. No longer do you have to settle for arranged marriages. There are many dating sites out there that allow features such as filtering people according to sect and region. These dating sites are truly a blessing and empower women in the search for true love. It definitely is the best advice you’ll get so definitely get on one of these sites!

Don’t take yourself too seriously and stay positive

It is quite easy to be jaded and cynical, especially if you have met so many possible soulmates, but you should always know that this won’t be helpful. If you don’t take the process too seriously and become too impatient, true love will surely find you. Focus on yourself first and foremost, this will help keep your natural optimism and positivity intact.

Don’t downplay your achievements

Whether you are a guy or a girl, NEVER downplay your accomplishments or your hopes or dreams. If your date can’t handle the fact that you bring more to the table than him or her, then they are definitely not the right one for you! If somebody really wants you then they will never be dissuaded by your ambitions and will be confident enough in their own abilities to allow both of you to chase your dreams.

Don’t be impatient

Despite the fact that millennial culture makes it a bit difficult to find the right person but never despair. Do not in any circumstance be impatient and quickly settle for the first person you meet. It is totally ok to be a little choosy and picky, after all, you are looking for a soul mate. It only takes one good date to turn into a  true relationship, so never settle for less and wait out for the right person!

Don’t lose hope after one or two bad matches

Rejection is definitely part of the process. There might be moments when you think that yes, this is definitely the one, only for them not to be interested in you. Or you might not like the other person as much as they do you. This is totally fine. Do not get hung up after a string of rejections from either side. There is nothing you can do about this and you definitely want someone who can’t get enough of you and vice versa!

Too sleazy? RUN!

The Muslim community is definitely not immune to its fair share of dirtbags and sleazeballs. You want someone who respects you and your boundaries. If the other person starts initiating raunchy talks or suggestive chats with you way too quickly, this should be a deal-breaker! It is very revealing if the other person is not respecting halal boundaries and willing to wait before a serious relationship leading to marriage can even take off. They should be willing to wait until you are comfortable. Early physical advances and raunchy texts are big red flags!

Value yourself

You will never have to change the person that you are, for someone else just to make them like you. You want someone who can connect with the real you, so that’s the version you should be. Be wary of any sort of advice which says you should change your way of dressing, hold in your thoughts, etc. This is incredibly wrong advice and definitely worth following. You do not have to be just as religious as the other person, nor as liberal as them. Just be yourself and the right person will follow!

No expectations

Maybe your biological clock is ticking or maybe your parents are pushing for that dreaded arranged marriage. You must try and ignore these issues and try and simmer down and take your dating life one day at a time! Stop putting unnecessary expectations on your dating life, especially when you are just “seeing” someone. You have absolutely no need to be in a hurry and you do not need to rush into labeling your relationship. Let the relationship develop naturally and you will find that you will get exactly what you were looking for.

Don’t Start Dating until you know what you want

It is so pointless to try and find your halal soulmate without you actually having an idea what that word even means to you. You need to have a game plan and know exactly what you are looking for, else, you will always feel lost. Only if you figure out what you want out of a partner or a relationship, you will have a better time finding it.

Only Tell the Parents when you’re sure

Ok, this one might sound a bit strange, but again patience is the key! We all know that older Muslim parents are usually not all that enthused about dating, no matter how halal it might be. Be patient and make sure that the person you are seeing is definitely the right one. Make sure that you have found your true soul mate before announcing or disclosing your relationship to your parents. The worst thing that could happen would be that after countless arguments, you do slowly win your conservative parents over. Only to find out some red flags or other issues between you and your partner. This will not only cause you a lot of pain but also even dissuade your parents from accepting another such match in the future!

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