Dating Tips For Single Parents: 9 Things You Should Know

Being a single parent comes with a lot of responsibilities. It’s hard to find a proper balance between your children’s lives and your personal life. You will always want to put your kids first. Many single parents are engulfed with apprehension and guilt when it comes to dating. But that’s not unjustified. They fear they could repeat the same costly relationship mistakes. However, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of happiness simply because you’re a single parent. It is not the end of the world, so brace yourself. It’s time to let go of the fear and start dating again. Here are the top nine dating tips for single parents that will help you overcome your fear and find true happiness.

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Let go of the guilt and focus on the present

It would help if you didn’t get into a new relationship until you forgive yourself for the previous one. Once you let go of the guilt completely, then you know its time to move on. Sadly, many single parents think it is wrong to want to be happy. They feel they’d be doing their child wrong for wanting to date again. You’re a mom or dad, yes! But you need to get out there and mingle with the adults alongside a nice bottle of wine. Parenting will be a lot more fun when you are happy!

Don’t hide the fact you’re a single parent

Many single parents are guilty of this. When they use dating sites, they fail to mention it in their profiles that they have a kid or two. Perhaps because they believe the myth that such information would dissuade their matches. However, that is a terrible mistake! Someone genuinely interested in you will look past the fact that you’re a single parent.

Having this vital information on your profile helps to filter potential matches. It tells anyone who visits your profile that you don’t need any time-waster in your life. So keep it open and use it to your advantage.

You don’t need to explain why

This is another common mistake among many parents who end up being alone. They blame and torture themselves for becoming a single parent. And they start explaining to their dates how it all happened because they think it is important. But that is wrong. You owe no one an explanation. While your last relationship might have ended badly, you should be proud of your kid(s) and your life.

Considering a dating site or club

Joining an online dating site or an offline dating club will expose you to people with similar interests. It will help you overcome the shyness that may have built up during the time you were single. And if it is any consolation, there are also dating sites for single parents. Online dating has its perks, and luckily, some of the best dating sites are free. But play safe, so that you don’t fall victim to a love scam.

What do you need from a new partner?

Your last relationship did not end well, and now you want to start dating again. However, this time, it’s not just about you; there is a kid involved. Thus, it is important to make a list of the qualities you want from your dating partner. List the qualities you want them to possess as well as those that you don’t want from someone in your life.

One of the most desirable qualities to want from a partner is playfulness and patience with kids. You may also want to find someone who understands or willing to learn that parenting is very demanding. Some secondary qualities to consider are mutual interests and hobbies. There are secondary because they are not a must, but having them would be great!

Be mindful

It’s very easy to get carried away when going on a romantic date. And you would want to look your very best. However, you have to tread with caution. The first impression you give to your new partner matters a lot. Try to avoid any provocative attire. It is not a one night stand you need in your life right now. So you have to stay comported and show some respect for yourself. Do this, and your partner will respect you.

Friendship first

As a single parent looking for a serious relationship, try not to engage in sexual activities, especially coitus on the first date. In fact, you should make it clear that you’re not open to sexual relations at the start. At least, not until you are sure the relationship is leading to something meaningful. Engaging in sexual intercourse at the early stage of your relationship could make you feel inadequate with low self-esteem.

The best way to way to go about dating as a single parent is to use the friendship first approach. Your relationship is more likely to succeed when you become friends with your new partner before becoming romantic. Participate in different social activities with your partner and get to know everything there is to know about them.

Introducing your new partner to your kid

Your kids are a blessing and not a burden. Thus you must ensure that your new partner gets the message that you don’t need help with parenting. So don’t be in a rush to introduce your partner to your child. You might have to wait for about six months before you finally do the introduction. This window will give the least amount of time to truly get to know your partner. Imagine introducing your new partner to your kid after one month of meeting them. Then things fell out a month later. What do you tell your innocent child? You don’t want to keep introducing different partners to your kid every other month, do you?

Don’t abandon your child

Your kid is an important part of your life and your new partner should respect that. Don’t abandon or careless for your child because you have found the love of your life. Ensure that you have a very trusted babysitter to care for your child whenever you are on a date or making out with your partner. Remember, your child is a top priority on your list.

Hopefully, with these single parent dating tips, you will find true happiness. And you will be able to balance your personal life and family life when you start dating again!

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