How Do Men Show Affection? 9 Ways Men Show Love

Every now and then, a woman might keep talking endlessly about how much she loves her partner. However, things are quite different for men. They are not too fond of the idea of talking endlessly about their love and affection for their partner. It does not mean that they do not love you or have no affection towards you. But it is just that they do not feel comfortable expressing their feelings in words. So how do men show love?

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways in which men show love for their online dating partners. 

a man kissing a woman as it's how men show love
(Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels) a man kissing a woman as it’s how men show love

He listens to you carefully

One of the most common accusations against men is that they do not listen carefully. In fact, they are often termed as terrible listeners. Whether it is about not remembering their sister’s birthday or not being to recollect their favorite scented candle – men often have to take the blame. However, if your man really cares about you, they will listen to you with intent. They will make all the effort to absorb even the smallest of details. It is one of their ways to show that they love you and care for you. 

He brings you around his friends

Another way you can get to see when men show love is when they bring you around their friends, families, or just about anyone who is close to them. Whenever your dating partner makes you a part of anything that is important in his life, understand that he is serious about you. He probably wants you to get to know his friends and families so that you can become a part of the group.

He spends most of the time with you

Men show love when they always want to spend all of their free time with you and only you. Of course, at times, he would want to have some alone time as well and that is perfectly alright. But when he is spending most of the time with you, remember that it is one of the biggest signs of love and affection. Observing such behavior will give you a clear indication of their feelings towards you. 

He wants to stay close to you physically

If a man stays close to you physically all the time that is another sign through which man shows love. Staying physically close to you can be in several forms. For instance, he would want to hug you randomly, he likes to keep his arms around you, or even a cuddle on the couch – are all signs that your dating partner loves and cares for you. It does not always have to be sexual. Even if he stays in close proximity that is the sign of love and affection. 

He treats you as a best friend

Of course, both of you are in a romantic relationship. However, if the dating partner treats you as a best friend that is another way how men show love. Most of the men look for a best friend in their love. It is because they want to stick with them in all of their thick and thin. No matter the situation, they want you to understand them. Moreover, they will also open their heart and mind in front of you. If all of this is your dating partner, then know that they are in true love with you. 

He makes you feel safe

Another common sign through which men show love is by making you feel safe all the time. Of course, men are naturally protective. However, when they are in love with you, they will try and protect you from everything. This can include protection from getting physically or emotionally hurt as well. If the man loves you, he will care and show affection towards you, no matter the odds. This is their way of showing that they will stand by you all the time, even if the world turns upside down. You can count on him for being on your team for the entire life. 

He will make compromises

No relationship in this world is built on the thoughts of “what is in it for me”? Therefore, if he truly loves you, your men will show love by making sacrifices for you and your well-being. It is because when you love someone from your heart, you want to see them happy at all costs. Even if it means that you have to keep your self-interest aside, you will do it for your love. Because both of your happiness is now interlinked. Therefore, if he makes compromises, now that he is showing his love towards you.  

He will ask for your advice

Whenever your partner asks you for your advice, it means that he values your opinion. This is another sign through which men show love for you. Your opinion becomes a guiding light for them and they take it very seriously when making crucial decisions. Therefore, always observe if he is constantly taking your advice for all the important decisions being made around his personal and professional life. 

Final Thoughts

Men are not vocal like women when it comes to showing and expressing their love. However, there are several signs through which men show love. Keep your eyes wide open and look for these common ways through which men show love. 

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