Love is a strong pillar of a good relationship. This is because every romantic relationship starts with love. Without love, a relationship cannot stand. One starts a relationship with another only if one develops feelings for them. However, it is one thing to love, and it is another thing to be loved. Seriousness is another thing. Mutual love is as well important to form a strong relationship. Mutual seriousness is required too. Strong bonds are formed when each party involved maintains some level of seriousness. And when there is seriousness, there will be little or no problem. Should there is any problem, both parties will try to give their all to save their relationship. Unlike a one-sided relationship, a relationship based on mutual love and seriousness lasts longer.

However, just as a pillar cannot hold a house, love alone cannot hold a relationship. Love is only a pillar among other pillars. As such, love alone may not be enough to keep a relationship. No matter how strong love is in a relationship, it still needs some other things. One is commitment, another is money. Therefore to keep a relationship, the following C’s and M’s are as well important. One or two of those together with love could be enough to keep a relationship moving.

They wonder that is love enough to keep a relationship


Love needs commitment to sustain a relationship. A relationship with little or without commitment is like a car with little fuel. A car with little fuel will stop if the fuel finishes. The same thing is true of relationship. If a relationship lacks commitment, even love cannot save it from breaking down. In the same vein, a relationship with full commitment is like a car with enough fuel. It will continue to move no matter the hurdles. It will continue to move no matter the potholes. The two parties in a relationship need to be committed to each other. They also need to be committed to their relationship. Each party must always show willingness and readiness to make certain sacrifices. Each party should be able to work hard in order to give their relationship with the attitude it deserves. Then, they will be able to keep their relationship.


Another pillar of a relationship is communication especially when distance separates two lovers. In this instance, love alone may not be enough to keep a relationship. This is because lovers need to communicate to strengthen their love. In other words, time-to-time dialogue sometimes goes a long way in sustaining a relationship. Some people tend to develop strong feelings for people they see often. Some love it when they talk more to their partners. To the latter, regular communication will be enough to keep them. Although there may be love, lack of communication with those may affect one’s relationship with them. If you are the type who is far away from your partner, reach out to him or her regularly.

You may not be there with him or her physically, use other means to stay in touch. Making calling a habit. Send him or her text messages, for love alone may not be enough. Support your love with regular communication. Then, you can be assured of a lasting relationship.  

Creation of time

Being caring and love are two different things. One can hide the former while one cannot hide the latter. You can love a person and still hide it from him or her. To know whether a person is caring, such a person has to show it. And one of the ways through which a person can show it is through time creation. Creating time for one’s partner helps a relationship grow. Lovers tend to understand each other better if they spend time with each other more. A person who does not create time for his or her partner will find it difficult to understand him or her. And a relationship without understanding may be heading towards an end. Even to show love to one’s partner, one will still need to create time. By making oneself available when one’s attention is needed, one shows love without knowing it. Spending more time with each other will improve the relationship between such two lovers.

Mutual trust

If a relationship has love but lacks trust, such a relationship may not last long. Mutual trust is important in keeping a relationship. Two partners who find it difficult to trust each other will not find it easy to live together. If a party has trust in another but the other refuses to reciprocate the trust, there will also be a problem. Therefore to maintain a relationship, the whole parties involved must trust each other. They should not be unnecessarily suspicious of each other. There are usually different spaces for love and trust. And love sometimes does not fill the gap of trust, and so also is trust. They both sometimes exist independently but always work together in a relationship. For that reason, one of the two may not be enough to keep a relationship. To keep a relationship, there has to be love, then mutual trust.


Most relationships need money to thrive. Very few relationships could survive without it. Relationships sometimes may need financial backing to stand. One may have to be financially strong to keep a relationship going. Especially when one’s partner is materialistic, love alone may not be able to keep one’s relationship. No matter how strong a love may seem, a materialistic partner may eventually flee without money. One will have to spend to keep such a person. A lot of relationships have broken as a result of the money factor. Also, some have been able to save their relationships as a result of the same factor. The issue of money in a relationship cannot be ignored. Even without too much love, one can still sustain a relationship with money. However, one may find it very difficult to maintain a relationship with just love. So, to keep a relationship, one may have to support love with money.

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