Is Minneapolis Good for Singles? 

If you’re living in Minneapolis, you already know that your dating scene is twice as nice as that of other towns. After all, you’re living in just one-half of the “Twin Cities,” with Minneapolis itself boasting a population of 429,000 and nearby St. Paul offering up an additional 311k. That’s quite the pond, but are the fish really biting? In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not Minneapolis is boomtown or bust for single life. 

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The City is Relatively Young

The average age in Minneapolis is only 32.2, which makes it one of the youngest big cities in the entire country. This is, of course, a great age for modern dating. As it implies there will be plenty of mid-to-late twenties and early-to-mid thirties men and women looking for one type of relationship or another. 

Sports is a Big Deal Here

The two major teams in the area are The Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay (Wisconsin) Packers, who have a thriving rivalry. During the cold winters, you will have the opportunity to meet many potential suitors simply by heading to your local dive bar to watch a game. Of course, if your friends invite you to a tailgate, there’s likely to be plenty of singles there. 

Minneapolis is a Cultural Dream

One of the main reasons why singles love the city so much is because there’s never a shortage of things to do. Head to Dakota Jazz Club to relive the roaring 20s, or check out one of the many hip restaurants serving up delicious international cuisine. The possibilities for a great date are endless. 

Relax! Minnesotans are Very Chill

If you’re the sort of girl (or guy) who tries to make a big fuss about how they look or where they meet their date, you can start destressing right now. Minneapolis is a very chill city, and most people don’t put a lot of stock into how you look, act, or dress. Just be yourself! Don’t be afraid to meet a date for wings, bike in the park, or just have a few beers at a dive bar. You can dress up when you want, but this is definitely a city that appreciates a laid-back approach. 

There are a lot of things that make Minneapolis such a haven for singles looking to mingle. From the huge population of young people to the laundry list of things to do to the easy way of life, it’s not that difficult to meet in the big M. To make things even easier; you have a whole other city to check out when the pickings seem particularly slim.  So enjoy yourself. That’s why life in the Midwest is all about. 


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