Is San Francisco Good For Dating?

The city is teeming with intelligent, young working professionals – a flurry of transplants with well-honed pedigree degrees and backgrounds, the majority of whom form a homogeneous community of tech employees. All of them are overly ambitious. They work long hours to show a point for their profession. They are motivated by the recurring wave of billionaires who made it big by working at early-stage startups or launching their firms.

Then how can you find time to date and fall in love?

Most people don’t think about it because they’re too busy focusing on their professions. But loneliness is accurate. And what better way to find someone quickly than through a dating site or app?

Modern dating has progressed. Dating apps have lost their stigma and have become the standard for meeting your new prospective SO. What was supposed to be a revolving door of new faces, all interchangeable, disposable, and better than the next, has evolved into a rotating door of new faces. Popular dating apps such as Mingle2, Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Her fill the phones of San Francisco‘s young working professionals.

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The San Francisco Singles Scene

When you search for “San Francisco dating” you are likely to be bombarded with publications on why San Francisco dating is so difficult. It’s not that there aren’t any excellent singles in the city — far from it. It’s simply that meeting them is difficult.

Long work hours (typically paired with difficult Bay Area/Silicon Valley commutes) make it all too easy to stay at home. But there is a method to overcome dating boredom and discover a long-term connection with someone great. All you have to do is look in the proper location.

Get Creative

San Francisco is a place where people are better at making what they want rather than looking for it. That stated, forego the old and antiquated (no pun intended) dinner and a movie. Instead, consider showing off your moves at a roller dance, going to Nightlife at The Academy of Sciences. Or you can go on a Midnight Mystery bike ride where the two of you will cycle across the city and finish up at an unnamed after-party.

Whatever you decide to do with your date, thinking outside the box will not only get you brownie points but will also push both of you out of your comfort zone, making you stand out.

Social Media and Mental Health Issues

When dating, one cannot ignore all of the contributing factors:

– repeat flakiness, available time, fear of missing out, better options a swipe away, work pressure, cost of living, social awkwardness from lack of offline interactions. Changing demographic of people with a shift to relying on algorithms and less on feeling and intuition – all of these things can accumulate over time.

Spending too much time online, being frustrated with meeting people at bars, or having difficulty forming a relationship may all hurt your life. It doesn’t help that your social media feed is complete with your friends’ trips, engagements, newborns, and other life events.

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