8 Signs That Show Your Partner Is In Dating Relationship Only For Sex

How to know if your partner is in a dating relationship with you Only For Sex?

Well, It feels amazing when you meet someone who loves you. Stimulating conversations and similar values gives you the excitement of a love connection. You might start believing – here is the person you would enjoy knowing for a possible relationship. 

Of course, you might in it for a possible long-lasting relationship. However, your partner may have different ideas for you. They might be in a relationship with you only for having sex. Yes, that is correct. After meeting you through online dating sites and having a few one-on-one dates, your so-called partner may not have any interest in having a meaningful relationship with you. His agenda is only to have sex with you. But how do you understand if your partner is only in it for having sex? 

In this article, we will discuss signs that show your partner is in a relationship only for having sex with you. 

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Maybe he is in a dating relationship with you just to fulfill his sexual desires

1. He Is Only Interested In Your Looks

Of course, it is a great feeling when he appreciates how terrific you look. But you also want him to love and adore you for your inner qualities. Men who are looking for a lasting relationship will also compliment you for your sense of humor and intelligence. Besides that, he will also show interest in your values. However, men who are only in it for having sex will tell how hot your ass looks in that dress. Therefore, the next time he talks about your looks, ask them which inner qualities he likes about you. Then you will know if he is in a dating relationship with you for sex or not.

2. Email and Text Are Sexual 

You can understand his interest through the kind of communication he has with you. If he is only in it for having sex, then he will always turn those email and text conversations into sexual ones. Men with such interests will always make everything sound sensual. Therefore, if you feel those conversations are getting overly sexual, then it is time to think about your future with him. You are another girl he is using to fulfill his sexual desires. 

3. Disinterested In Your Personal Life

You want your partner to show interest in your personal life. When you talk about your day, you want to have their full attention. He must help you go through the problems you are facing in your life. You do not want to take off your clothes every time to get their attention. If he is not interested in your personal life, he is potentially in it for having sex with you. 

4. Your Partner and You Are Lovers Not Friends

Of course, love is an important part of a relationship. But you also want friendship in your relationship. If your online dating partner is only in it for sex then he will not consider you as a friend. When two people are in a real relationship, they will share everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Besides that, they will want to know you from the inside. However, if the guy you are dating is in it for sex, he will never share anything with you about their life. 

5. Gets Angry When You Deny Sex

If he likes you and enjoys being with you, he will only want to be near you. You can invite them to watch movies or play a board game. If you say, you have an early day at work, he will just hug you and give you a passionate kiss. That is it. He will not push you to have sex. However, if he pushes you to have sex more often than not and gets angry when you deny it, then he is not the right guy. 

6. Avoid Relationship Talks

You have been dating your partner for quite some time now. From meeting on a dating site to meeting out in person, you have spent a lot of time together. And now you want to know where your relationship is going. But he does not seem interested at all. Every time he will find a way to avoid the talk. However, if he continues the cover-up all the time, it is because he wants nothing but sex. 

7. Sense of Dissatisfaction 

If you are in love with your dating partner, then having sex will make you feel fulfilled like you are having the best time of your life. However, if there is a sense of dissatisfaction, then it is not a good sign. The feeling of emptiness shows that something is missing in your relationship. Therefore, share the concern with your partner immediately. And ask them if he is into you or is only having meaningless sex with you. 

8. Avoids Meeting in Public Places

Most of your dates are spent at home with takeaways and home delivery. If he consistently makes effort to avoid meeting in a public place then he is not serious about you. It is because he does not want both of you to be seen together in public, where his other girlfriends can spot you. Therefore, make a conscious effort to understand that they are doing it purposely. 

Final Thoughts

A relationship with your dating partner should be meaningful and beautiful. Of course, getting intimate is a big part of your relationship. But if your partner is in a dating relationship for sex, then it is time to move on. All of these signs will help you better understand if your partner is in it for just having sex with you. 


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