Use These 5 Tips To Turn Your Unhealthy Relationship Into A Healthy Relationship

Relationships, for many reasons, can become unhealthy no matter how romantic and blissful they may be at their early stages. They are turning their unhealthy relationship into a healthy relationship

Issues and misunderstandings are bound to arise in every relationship. When these quarrels are not properly handled, the people involved may start feeling like they are dating the wrong person.


What is an unhealthy relationship?

If you are in an unhealthy relationship, it means you or your partner are exhibiting behaviors or making decisions that are not founded on mutual respect for the parties in the relationship. Such a relationship can make people feel confused, anxious, uncertain about the relationship, and even unsafe.

For clarity, an unhealthy relationship is not necessarily an abusive relationship. However, if not properly managed, a relationship that is not healthy can quickly explode into an abusive one.

Luckily, you don’t have to call it quits as fixing issues is part of the responsibilities partners owe to their relationships. So if you wish to repair your bad relationship, you should get to work as soon as possible before things become worse.

Here are five helpful tips that you and your partner can use to turn your unhealthy relationship into a healthy relationship.

It begins with you

As someone who wishes to fix things with his or her lover, you should first understand that change will not happen unless you take the first step. This calls for the need to take some time to analyze the whole issues happening in the relationship. Understand the root cause of the quarrels, then see how you have contributed to these problems.

After realizing your faults, admit them, and take responsibilities for them. People are usually fond of shifting blames. Don’t allow this habit to get you this time. Shifting blames could only make things go worse.

Even in issues when it seems like you’re not wrong, take the blame for them and consider it a sacrifice to repair your relationship.

This is the first step of turning your unhealthy relationship into a healthy one as it shows your willingness to fix things. It would gear you into taking the rest of the steps, which confirms your desire to make things right.

Communication, communication, communication

The importance of communication in a successful relationship cannot be overstated. Strong communication is like a pillar, and the lack of it is the beginning of failures in any relationship. This makes it a great weapon to fix issues and turn a dying relationship into a healthy one.

Once you have analyzed things causing problems in your relationship, you will need to talk about them with your partner.

Arrange for a time to discuss the issues and agree on how to fill the lapses on each other’s part. This will help you and your partner to know what is bothering both of you.

Most importantly, how you communicate will determine the success or failure of this step. You should avoid any form of disrespect or the use of sarcasm while talking to your partner. Remember, it should be a calm conversation, not a heated argument, so try to avoid words that could make your lover flip.

The communication should not stop there. Take it upon yourself to strengthen the communication line in your relationship. It is an essential tool for a happy relationship.

Adopt healthier relationship rules

Since the old rules guiding your relationship don’t seem to be making it work as it should, it becomes necessary to change them. Through healthy communication, you should now understand the likes and dislikes of your partner. This will guide you into making and adopting healthier rules that could heal your relationship.

Ensure that your relationship’s honesty and trust are not at stake because of these new rules. Honesty and trust are the basic foundation of any relationship, so you should consider them before making the rules.

Be patient

It took some time for your romantic relationship to turn unhealthy. So repairing and turning it back to a healthy relationship will also take some time. Don’t expect the magic to happen overnight, as that could make you desperate. You can end up giving up when it seems like it’s not working the way you want it.

Be patient, and ensure you don’t look desperate to your lover. People often relax on their commitments to a relationship when they start to feel like their partner cannot do without them. So you have to be sensitive when fixing things up, be ready to correct your mistakes, but don’t appear desperate. This could ease your partner’s fear of losing you and start exhibiting more unhealthy behaviors.

During this time, also ensure you are reconnecting by spending more romantic moments with your lover. Enjoy shared humor and do things that make both of you happy. The relationship is your priority at this point, so you should treat it like one.

Reshape yourself to be the best partner anyone would want to have

It’s not only important to realize your lapses and make them right. It’s also crucial to adjust yourself and fit in with other aspects that will make anyone desire you. This includes aspects where your partner may not have complained about.

Everyone wants the best. Try to do things that will excite your partner. This way, they would feel lucky to have you and will try their best to do the same for you.

Essential things you should work on is being more appreciative and supportive to your partner. This means supporting them in their areas of interest, career, and even hobbies. Do this even if you don’t share the same passion with them, this is a way to create compatibility.

Know their goals and support them to achieve success. This usually strengthens the bond between lovers in any relationship.

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