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Sat 05/05/12 08:58 PM
Jump into the forums and have fun...that is the best way to meet people here...good luck and welcomewaving

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Thu 05/03/12 08:36 PM
Edited by MisKim323 on Thu 05/03/12 08:37 PM
It sounds more like a business discussion than anything. Tell more about yourself on a personal level. Let them know the things you enjoy doing...and what you are looking need to feel you would be disrespected here...not that kind of site. Have fun, jump into the forums and look for her. Good luck
P.S. You might also finish out answering the questions on your profile, and add a couple of more pics.

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Thu 05/03/12 08:32 PM
Edited by MisKim323 on Thu 05/03/12 08:33 PM

Hi and Welcome- Good luck "Big Cat" hunting!! lollaugh
rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl waving

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Thu 05/03/12 08:31 PM
flowerforyou Nice write! HEY! You aren't a professional, are you?laugh j/k

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Thu 05/03/12 08:28 PM

Oh no, what did you do...say? Did you finish the date? Sometimes I had a guy once he was very pushy & demanding! I got up to go to the Bathroom & left! uuummm he rode with me left his car lol...... He was scaring me.......,. Then he threatened me to come back! I never did & he was not even from this town, we left his car at a gas station!
I went out with a guy once....when he dropped me off to my car, instead of a smooch...Dude LICKED MY FACE!!!!!!sick When he called later, I told him I just didn't feel any spark:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Then...I told him whyohwell He didn't understand why I didn't like thatlaugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh

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Thu 05/03/12 05:39 AM
Very, very sad, indeed brokenheart

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Wed 05/02/12 07:26 AM
Used what I believe is that no one really wants it...too many out there just getting their thrills and not interested in forever...I, for one, have decided it doesn't least not for me

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Sun 04/29/12 08:37 PM

i want a beard.
When you get to menopause, you are going to remember saying thislaugh laugh

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Thu 04/19/12 07:23 PM
flowerforyou flowerforyou flowerforyou Nicebigsmile

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Thu 04/19/12 05:21 AM

What do you do when a man is addicted to video games and iPods and apps and ********. Always occupyimy his time with usless things and has friend that biy him this **** and enables.him? What do you do when no matter how many times you tell the giy want more time he just bassically blows you off? My God it so difficult.... What should I do? At times he seems like he wanta to be with me most times it seems lime he doesnt want to be bothered with me at all. We barley talk and hangout but we live together.
Don't EVER allow someone to treat you as a convenience. He is putting you in a corner until he sees fit to spend time with you. If you were important to him, he would never make you feel this do what you want, but I would walk in a heart beat!

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Wed 04/18/12 01:02 PM
brokenheart :cry: :cry: :cry:

Thanks for the memoriesbrokenheart

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Wed 04/18/12 07:25 AM

Just had this e-mail relationship with a man that promised all the right things and then just also happened to want me to send him money.
Sad but very true, you have to be careful and you have to read between the lines - see where the words do not show a match to each other. Very sad not to trust someone's words and feelings expressed but you really can not.
If they did it on this site...please report it...SCAMMERS are not permitted...they are very good at trying to gain will quickly learn the signs...just remember to be cautious in trusting on the don't know them, and they will take advantage if they can.

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Tue 04/17/12 02:42 PM

Because most of them are crazier than hell........smokin
Stop talking about me like that:angry: :laughing: :laughing: waving

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Sun 04/15/12 02:58 PM
Your profile gets a solid "1"...simply because you have a pic. Tell a little about yourself and what you are looking for in a mate, friend, etc. As for "guyz" and women...we have both here so that shouldn't be a problem. Good Luck

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Sun 04/15/12 02:55 PM


Love is like someone sneaking up on you with an aluminum bat and knocking the friggen schitt out of you with zero warning. You NEVER see it coming.

You want a love to start small and nurture it to grow? Get a Chia pet or a dog.

Love is an "In your face" thing that none of us can control. It is like bobsledding in an is thrilling and terrifying and if you make it all the way is the thrill of a lifetime.
I like that Krup!!!!:thumbsup:

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Sun 04/15/12 02:53 PM
I will not change my morals to fit someone else's needs
I will not allow ANYONE to walk all over me
I will not get over my fear of heights
I will not drive on the interstate
I will not let anyone get by with ever hurting my kids or grandkids

That's a waving

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Sat 04/14/12 07:07 AM
flowerforyou flowerforyou

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Sat 04/14/12 07:04 AM
Happy Birthday Jon!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: flowers flowers :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

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Wed 04/11/12 05:40 AM
It is called SCAMMING and the block button takes care of that

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Tue 04/10/12 10:04 AM

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