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Topic: Favourite Feel Good Song
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Wed 08/31/16 12:17 AM
Edited by Madcatlady01 on Wed 08/31/16 01:07 AM
No Worries - David Guetta

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Wed 08/31/16 12:22 AM

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Wed 08/31/16 12:42 AM

Do You Believe In Magic - The Lovin' Spoonful

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Wed 08/31/16 02:59 AM
Remedy = Little Boots

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Wed 08/31/16 08:58 PM
This Girl - Kungs

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Wed 08/31/16 09:16 PM
Tootie Ma is a Big Fine Thing - Preservation Hall Jazz Band

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Thu 09/01/16 10:13 AM

"I Can't Decide"- Scissor Sisters

The lyrics are a bit demented but the beat is just so peppy. laugh

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Mon 09/19/16 11:02 AM
Glowing - Nikki Williams

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Mon 09/19/16 02:33 PM
Zipity-Do-Da happy

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Mon 09/19/16 02:37 PM
The Lollipop Song...
And.... Tiny Bubbles....
And the Happy song.. I don't think it's actually called the Happy song ..
But that's what I call it..
Because it makes me all happy inside..

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Mon 09/19/16 03:17 PM
Dancing on the ceiling

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Tue 09/20/16 07:31 PM
Walking on Sunshine - Katrina & the Waves

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Tue 09/20/16 08:13 PM
Don't Worry, Be Happy and Celebration

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Sat 09/24/16 01:36 PM
The song remains the same

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Sat 09/24/16 03:02 PM
good to be alive right about now,,, Andy Grammer

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Tue 10/04/16 05:08 PM
How about Oasis's "Columbia" (but only for the tune and the vaguely uplifting lyrics, not the drug reference)?

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Tue 10/04/16 05:37 PM
"Money", Beatles version.

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Tue 10/04/16 05:53 PM
capital cities - kangaroo court
cazwell - ice cream truck (lol)

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Tue 10/04/16 07:47 PM
Edited by JulietLe on Tue 10/04/16 07:48 PM
22 - Taylor Swift

We're happy free confused and lonely in the best way! It's miserable and magical. laugh

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Tue 10/04/16 07:51 PM
hess is more - walksong
(all his songs actually)

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