Topic: How's yall weekend going so far
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Fri 01/14/22 04:24 PM
just winding down xx

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Fri 01/14/22 06:02 PM
Don't know. My weekend hasn't started yet. Will be messed up anyway because of a snow storm.

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Fri 01/14/22 06:08 PM
Weekend schmeekend lol. I work every weekend.

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Fri 01/14/22 06:18 PM
Not a bad weekend. Visited a local archery range. definitely joining. Will be awesome fun.

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Sat 01/15/22 12:43 PM
9pm on a Saturday nught...and still working from home (unpaid for the weekends!) But with covid still around, not much else to do!

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Sun 01/16/22 09:04 AM
I went for a walk again. Same as yesterday, just a different cat being at my side :cat: