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Topic: What Are You Thinking Right Now?
SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Sun 11/27/22 04:18 PM
@Poetry, yeah, we know about your Halle Berry crush!
If I'm somewhere on your list I'm quite flattered, even if she is your nr1. Provided the list isn't too long of course tongue2

Thinking... time to go to bed!

Poetrywriter's photo
Sun 11/27/22 04:29 PM

@Poetry, yeah, we know about your Halle Berry crush!
If I'm somewhere on your list I'm quite flattered, even if she is your nr1. Provided the list isn't too long of course tongue2

Thinking... time to go to bed!

O ye of little faith! laugh There will only ever be one on my celebrity crush list. If Halle ever wanted to give up show business and go for the simple life, I am her man. Now my Mingle crush list is a short one, in fact the number can be counted on 1 hand and yes Crystal you are on the Mingle list. flowerforyou

OT: Thinking I better not reveal the rest of the list.

Happy Geezer's photo
Sun 11/27/22 04:51 PM
laugh It seems as though Piffard, NY is having an influx of young sexy women. Might have to take a drive there. laugh

StormMessages's photo
Mon 11/28/22 04:24 AM
Why is my left eye twitching?

Laska Paul 's photo
Mon 11/28/22 06:30 AM
Edited by Laska Paul on Mon 11/28/22 06:45 AM

I am thinking , and thinking and desperately thinking about todays World Cup Match between Brazil and Switzerland. I am in great depression . though ,
I think so Brazil will score 3 goals to 1
Brazil 3 - Switzerland 1
That's my prediction, Half time score 1-0 and the rest of the goals will be during the second Half of the Play .

Merry's photo
Mon 11/28/22 11:41 AM
Thinking... How about we resurrect that Christmas thread that TechFairy started last year? :thinking::evergreen_tree::heart:

TechFairy's photo
Mon 11/28/22 03:22 PM
Sis, can you believe we've been here for a year now?:blush: How time flies...

But yeah, it IS that time again. Off I go to resurrect it...

Devo1974's photo
Mon 11/28/22 05:19 PM
I don't know if I've ever been less interested in a Monday Night Football game. :unamused:

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Fri 12/02/22 03:54 AM
Happy I can see my physio Monday as my lower back isn't happy after I pulled a muscle yesterday.

Riverspirit1111's photo
Fri 12/02/22 04:45 AM
Thinking... Quitting the temporary permanent position at the preschool was a good thing and just what I needed. Working two permanent jobs, even if one was only for a couple of months, isn't what I truly wanted and was causing major unnecessary stress. I love my part-time job at Robbie's, and the freedom I have on my days off to choose whether or not I want to work, play, or take care of other things. Yay for me!!!

TechFairy's photo
Sat 12/03/22 09:41 AM
Wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something:thinking: I've broken my glasses.....again....🫤four pairs so far this year. Last pair only lasted three months. Either it's not speaking loud enough, or I need hearing aids:expressionless:. Sooo contacts for now, but I'll be in glasses again in two weeks or less.

Whatever you want me to hear Mr. Universe, you'd better figure out another way to send your message.

Merry's photo
Sat 12/03/22 10:36 AM
Thinking that the universe may be on my gorgeous sis' side if she acknowledged that it is not a "Mr" but actually a beautiful "Ms" :thinking:

So, with that said... Mama Universe please send my sis a sign that favours her :hibiscus::sunflower::sunrise::rainbow::nerd:

Slim gym 's photo
Sat 12/03/22 10:50 AM
Thinking if only Australia can beat Argentina this afternoon, I could win some money!!!

Riverspirit1111's photo
Sun 12/04/22 02:43 AM
Thinking... it feels good to be back on track.

Dramatic Muffin's photo
Sun 12/04/22 04:28 AM
Thinking I don't understand why people sign up to participate in Secret Santa week and then don't give their designated buddy a single gift the entire week. It has not been fun being in charge of it this year. Lots of hurt feelings due to slacker Santas not following the rules.

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Sun 12/04/22 07:36 AM
Thinking... it really was cold outdoors, yet I enjoyed cycling to the supermarket :)
Matter of warm clothes, thick coat, scarf, and thinsulated gloves & woolly hat.

Got a bunch of groceries now that the new token-saving action for a box of groceries has started :)
It lasts a few months but I can only save up for one box since I'm alone.
(Some with families and/or more money get 6 or more.)

Laska Paul 's photo
Mon 12/05/22 05:14 AM

Thinking , Thinking , Thinking Big ,
If Brazil wins by 3 - 0 with South Korea , They will surely be the World Champions.....
Hope Neymaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar Plays today .

Poetrywriter's photo
Mon 12/05/22 10:22 AM
Thinking it is about that time!

SparklingCrystal 💖💎's photo
Wed 12/07/22 08:09 AM
Thinking... I don't understand why men have to post naff comments on photos you upload (not photos of myself, other photos to give an impression of your life & interests on another dating site with that option).

I'm certain they'd never dare say that to my face, yet when they feel it's anonymous they seem to think it's okay to do that.

Slim gym 's photo
Wed 12/07/22 10:49 AM
Edited by Slim gym on Wed 12/07/22 10:51 AM
thinking of a 'sex change'... from No Sex to More sex ....and waiting for Blondey 's crush potion no:9 !!

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