How to Find Love in Seattle?

Seattlites are the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet. Yes, we’re talking about the Seattle Freeze and dating in Emerald City. With the light shining for just around one-third of the year, the city’s residents aren’t particularly encouraged to leave their homes, much alone meet new people. Seattleites are reserved and quiet; throw in the presence of Microsoft and Amazon, and you have a city full of individuals who aren’t used to socializing. What should I do? Here’s a guide on how to find love in Seattle.

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Here are the dating digits to know in a city that finds numbers intriguing and possibly romantic. Although the climate, culture, and industry may be working against singles, Seattle has been named the third most fantastic city for singles among the nation’s 150 most populous cities. Not only is Seattle‘s population 58.42 percent single (compared to the country’s 49.42 percent), but it also has the fifth-highest LGBT proportion in 2015. And it is the country’s fifth fastest-growing big metropolis. So, if you haven’t met the person you’re looking for yet, your options are more than enough and increasing.

The Millionaire Matchmaker in Seattle Can Help You Find “The One”

Are you a wildly successful man or woman in the greater Seattle region who has it all: a fantastic job, beautiful friends and family, and an entire lifestyle? Despite this, you yearn to find that particular someone with whom you can share your life, hobbies, passions, and goals. You are a hot commodity, and you are aware of it, yet you refuse to “settle.”

You may have even embraced technology by trying online dating or dating apps (or both! ), but you are still looking for the one. All of your efforts in dating don’t appear to be paying off. Does this ring a bell? Susan Trombetti, Seattle‘s Millionaire Matchmaker, specializes in assisting affluent and discerning people like you in finding the love and connections they deserve. Susan Trombetti, a wealthy matchmaker in Seattle, can help you discover that clever, kind, and honest companion that shares your interests, hobbies, and life objectives, whether you are single, widowed, or divorced.


Seattle is known for its technology; therefore, it’s only natural that Seattleites employ it in their relationships. Tinder, Mingle2, and OkCupid are the most popular dating apps in Seattle, and most people have heard of them.
The most unusual ones? Coffee Meets Bagel (#LandOfCoffee), MapleMatch (apparently Seattle has a thing with Canadians), and The League (new this year).

However, Mingle2 is also an excellent place for singles. Age group, neighborhood, and interest groups are used to categorize events!

Keep the following in mind while dating in Seattle

Since a significant percentage of the population is active in some form of technology, anticipate it to come up in discussion. You don’t have to know how to code to find love. Just being a good listener and putting in the effort. Even when things get technical, it won’t hurt.

In Seattle, the mix of coffee and rain makes coffee shops almost ideal for picking up people as bars. The emergence of hipsters and nerd-chic has also increased the popularity of books. Browse a bookshop and keep an eye out for your future lover or babe!


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