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Mon 06/04/18 02:10 PM

Why not in the general discussion forum, start a new topic called 'chat room' and then use it as such until it is moderated out.

That is what chit chat/coffee house is for

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Sun 06/03/18 12:47 PM
And? laugh

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Sun 06/03/18 12:45 PM
FFS whoa

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Sun 06/03/18 11:34 AM

Maybe, the OP means, playing table tennis or something like that. Can be funny as well, afaik


Yep...we can guess what the op means all day...

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Sun 06/03/18 11:29 AM
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Ummmmm huh?what

You do know a lesbian likes women (not men) right?

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Sun 06/03/18 10:41 AM
Just say no. Mitual match has been NOTHING more than a fun way to engage. Say no or ignore

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Sun 06/03/18 10:38 AM
There are NO chat rooms ( thank god)

Just forums

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Sun 06/03/18 09:50 AM
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No it isn't. I wouldn't date someone close to my son's age (27). I have little in common and it would feel creepy

Everyone gets old, even outside the USA

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Sun 06/03/18 09:49 AM
Maybe men are more insecure?

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Fri 06/01/18 12:31 PM
Everything I have heard (locally) was people didn't want a repeat of Obama and Hiliary was a repeat. That is why they voted for Trump

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Fri 06/01/18 12:21 PM
If you aren't feeling it...communicate to your wife 1st

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Fri 06/01/18 11:51 AM
The media and people on the other side talks crap about every president

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Fri 06/01/18 11:48 AM
Sorry but out of your league is silly. I don't care what society says. It is my life. People like what they like

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Fri 06/01/18 11:14 AM
If it is legit charity...then no
If it is a business or profitable...then yes

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Thu 05/31/18 11:35 AM
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When it come to debates and discussions, citing a source helps

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Thu 05/31/18 11:30 AM

I don't guess I understand this topic. Really who decides if someone is out of their league? Opinion of others? Society? Opposites attract imo people of diffrent social backgrounds and race and attractiveness fall in love everyday.


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Wed 05/30/18 07:08 PM

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Wed 05/30/18 05:05 PM
A friend or email? If a friend, find the account and friend request them again

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Wed 05/30/18 03:37 PM

Race is not the issue. Consider:
Mitochondrial DNA has been traced back to the 'original mother' who emanated from, guess where—Ethiopia. So we all share the same traits.
Furthermore, if one is to believe Darwin's Theory of Evolution, mankind, in general descended from the Simians.
If one believes in the Judeo Christian theology, you would be hard-pressed to prove that Christ was white-skinned.
The real issue is money and power. Disney, which owns ABC, needed to preserve its brand of family oriented, wholesome, apple pie status. It would have cost more to turn a blind eye to racist remarks with possible boycotts from advertisers and viewers going elsewhere on principle.
'Divide and conquer', familiar with that? While the populous yammers about skin color, tribalism (in the political sense, ergo, liberal versus conservative, yada yada), the rich and powerful are meanwhile:
giving you a measly $50 tax break while pocketing millions; gutting the EPA so that irresponsible corporations can pollute at will, ditto the Consumer Protection Agency; ditto Planned Parenthood and Women's Health; tearing children away from parents because, heaven forbid, less fortunate folks are trying to escape murderous regimes.
Wake up to what is really happening! Look for ways to get along, be inclusive instead of divisive. We are all brothers and sisters and at worst, cousins.

Like black lives matter? To me all lives matter

well,ALL lives DO matter,but not ALL LIVES are equally at risk,are they?

so,IMO,to try to compare black lives,to other,less at risk lives as a method to delfect a statement that you dont like,or pivot the issue is disingenuous.

I am disingenuous? laugh

I was making a point. My point is ad valid as yours

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Wed 05/30/18 02:02 PM
Can you post a link to read?

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